After Prostate Cancer – Common Complications to Expect After Treatments

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Many men diagnosed with prostate cancer would have to live with some physical and emotional challenges after treatment. This is particularly common after they must have undergone treatments to cure or manage their condition.

The basis of their concern is associated more with the side effects of treatments. If you have prostate cancer that has just been diagnosed or you know of someone you want to help, the information contained in this article would be invaluable to you.

That said, this article highlights the common complications that men are likely to suffer after prostate cancer treatments.

For a start, the treatments for prostate cancer are many. The type of treatment prescribed will depend on the stage of the disease, the health disposition of the person and the some other factors that would be determined by the doctor.

Treatments like radical prostatectomy, radiation treatments, hormonal treatments, and Cryotherapy, etc can prescribed to treat cancer of the prostate. If the tumor is still in the early stages or localized, then it is possible to remove the entire prostate gland so as to prevent spread of the tumor to other parts of the body.

These treatments have side effects that can bother the man a lot. These complications include:

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) – After prostate cancer treatment, there is the possibility that the man will start experiencing erectile dysfunction or ED. This is a condition whereby he is not able to have erection or ejaculate. The possible cause of this condition is associated with damages to the nerves surrounding the penis. Also, treatments that inhibit the production of testosterone can result to ED.

Incontinence – After prostate cancer treatments, the inability to control urine or bowel evacuation in some men will increase. This could be temporal problem or permanent one, and it depends on how the treatments were carried out.

Pain – After prostate cancer treatments, men can experience pain in the part of their body where treatment was carried out. The level of pain experienced by individuals varies and some of pain dissipates with time. The use of pain killers and similar medications can be prescribed by the doctor to relieve the discomforts or pains you experience after undergoing treatments for prostate cancer.

Finally, the above are the common complications someone that has undergone prostate cancer treatment is likely to have. Individual experience differs and so would be effect of treatments. You should let your doctor to be in the know so that any complications you have can be treated with concerted efforts.

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