Advanced Prostate Cancer Life Expectancy – Details You Need to Know

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There is no doubt that effects of prostate cancer could really be devastating for the man and his loved ones. This is made more badly when you imagine that individuals with advanced prostate cancer have the lowest life expectancy rates.

For that reason, it becomes crucial to understand the survival rates or the average life expectancy of men living with prostate cancer. So many factors could decide how long a person will live after being diagnosed with prostate cancer that is already in the advanced stage. These and other details are highlighted below.

What advanced prostate cancer means

Advanced prostate cancer is the type of cancer whereby the tumor that developed from the cells of the prostate gland has now spread to other parts of the body. It is an aggressive form of cancer that readily attacks important tissues or organs.

Hence, when a man is diagnosed with aggressive or advanced prostate cancer the tissues of bowels, nymph nodes, kidneys, bones, and other vital organs could have been attacked. This type of prostate cancer is also called metastatic prostate cancer.

What you should know about life expectancy in prostate cancer

Life expectancy for any disease refers to the average survival rates of individuals that that have been affected by that disease. When prostate cancer is still localized or in the early stages, the survival rate for men is usually higher than those with advanced cancer of the prostate. On the general outlook, a five year survival rate or life expectancy is used for prostate cancer patients.

It is possible that 100% survival rate can be achieved for men with localized prostate cancer after five years. However, the life expectancy for men with advanced prostate cancer is about 2 to 3 years. In other words, the survival rate for men with advanced prostate cancer is about 30%.

Factors that could influence advanced prostate cancer life expectancy  

There are some factors that influences advanced prostate cancer life expectancy. These may include:

  • the stage of the cancer
  • How resistant the cancer has been to treatments like hormone therapy
  • The physical disposition of the man
  • the age of the man
  • Other physical conditions affecting the man
  • How effective are the treatments administered, etc.

Finally, advanced prostate cancer life expectancy is usually lower than localized or early prostate cancer life expectancy.

Thus, there is need to prescribe and administer the most effective treatment options for it. More so, it should be noted that individuals are different; hence some may survive longer than others or even die earlier before the expected time. Talk to your urologist, oncologist and other experts about your chances of survival if you have advanced form of prostate cancer.

In addition, visit prostate cancer forums and support groups for more information on how to cope with this stage of prostate cancer.

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