Why Prostate Cancer Prognosis Shouldn’t Scare You

Yes, you read that title right – Prostate Cancer Prognosis Shouldn’t Scare You! Even if you have just been diagnosed with prostate cancer and given a limited prognosis, you SHOULDN’T fear the condition. Prognosis doesn’t automatically translate to death! There are lots of other people that were also diagnosed and given similar prognosis who survived it. Yes, there are even cases of Stage Iv Prostate Cancer 2b Prognosis that didn’t die of the condition. Even some that had Advanced Prostate Cancer 2b Prognosis. Of course these are few and far in between but it can happen. 

You see, one of the things you must avoid as far as prostate cancer or any other type of cancer is concerned is FEAR. You should try as much as possible to replace every bit of fear that crops up in your mind with all the POSITIVE energy you can bring up. You see, FEAR is nothing but “False Evidence Appearing Real”! That’s just what it is. It’s just False Evidence Appearing Real. The False evidence tells you that you are going to die, but it’s not REAL, in lots of cases.

When most people are diagnosed with a condition as deadly as cancer and given a limited prognosis, FEAR completely takes over and tells them that they are surely going to die. That’s why they give up and are REALLY dead within a short time.

You shouldn’t fear prostate cancer or any other type of cancer because there’s no guarantee that because you have the condition you must surely die. That’s not the case for lots of people that have survived and are still surviving prostate and other types of cancer, including breast cancer and the likes.

Finally, it’s worth repeating – instead of False Evidence Appearing Real, you should look for all the positive stories about people that have survived the condition and learn as much as you can about surviving it too. Fill up your heart, mind, soul and body with LIFE and the ZEAL TO LIVE and not Fear. You will be surprised that these, combined with the treatments you will undergo will heal you of the condition, just like lots of similar people were also healed!

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