Treatments Of Prostate Cancer – A Holistic Method

The thing about holistic medicine is that it considers all the factor that apply when treating an illness, taking into account all of a patient’s physical and mental attributes, as well as his social conditions and disposition when dealing with a condition. Merely reading that, I am certain, will make you wonder how effective that might be in the interventions for prostate cancer.

Simply stated therefore, holistic treatment of prostate type of cancer has to take into consideration every single factor that applies, to the patient and the disease, and start seeing about how best to help a patient deal with the carcinoma. With holistic thinking having influenced attitudes about medicine and just about every other sphere of life, it was only a question of time anyway before it came to the fore as the only way to make things happen.

So, how do you use all the information that there is about prostate malignant tumor to manage the disease? Simple; you need to begin with the risk factors of prostate cancer, and apply them to whatever is available about the martial arts, the occult, astrology, psychic healing, extrasensory perception, divination, astral travel, acupuncture, massage, tarot, Zen, mythology, and visualization. Strictly put, that is a lot to handle, but it also presents a whole new way of viewing a debilitating disease and realizing the indeed it is curable.

Consider prostate disease from a Chinese medicine perspective, for instance. Ancient Chinese health practitioners have always believed that any ailment or infirmity is as a result of imbalances in the body’s system, and to regain health, that balance has got to be restored. They apply this same theory to both physical and health problems, and they appear to have some corroboration in some form of mythology, Zen, psychic healing acupuncture, and even the martial arts. There totally has to be some truth to it, no?

Prostate carcinoma does have some risk factors that appear to lend credence to that belief as well. Consider diet, for instance. Certain foods appear to introduce poisons to the body that contribute to the incidence of the disease, while other foods aid the body in the healing process and promote overall health. It is evident in the fact that Asia and Africa, areas in which larger portions of natural, fibrous, and non processed foods are a huge part of the staple, have a lower incidence of the condition than the United States and other developed nations, where red meat and processed foods are consumed in larger quantities.

Even cancer specialists agree to the fact that eating certain foods helps prevent the disease and lower your blood PSA levels. Also, they always recommend that you make a few lifestyle changes if you are under treatment for the problem, especially by taking up some form of exercise. As such, whatever the holistic treatment is for the condition, it is going to have to involve all of that – dietary interventions, exercise, and the overall balance of mind and body as suggested by Zen.

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