Treatments For Prostrate Cancer – 3 More to Consider

IMMUNOTHERAPY – this is a treatment for melanomas of the prostate gland which acts by boosting the body’s immune-system defenses in order to fight the malignancies. It is still under clinical trials too, like cryosurgery, but the results are looking very good. Because cancers generally develop in people who have weak general immune responses, proper immunotherapy can re-establish their immunological reactivity in them to fight adequately against the cancer by employing therapeutic strategies to stimulate dendritic cell proliferation, promote antigen uptake and processing, stimulate an effector cell response via direct antigen presentation, or target tumor cells via antibody therapy.

Thankfully, there are several approaches in prostate cancer intervention today that have demonstrated successful induction of the desired immune response; and since the prostate represents a unique site for immunotherapy because prostate-specific immunity can be generated without much effort, there are bound to be rave reviews in no time at all, as well as medications that function on this sound principle.

HIGH-INTENSITY FOCUSED ULTRASOUND – this is also a therapeutic intervention for prostate cancer that is still in research one that uses high-energy sound waves to destroy cancer cells. The technique uses a machine to give off high frequency sound waves that deliver a strong beam to a specific part of a cancer so that several cancerous cells die when the beam is focused directly on them. This treatment type has the advantage of using only the sound waves to kill the cancer cells and so it does not have as many side effects as other prostate type of cancer treatments already in use, although specialists in prostate cancer intervention would rather kill the melanomas without damaging any healthy cells at all.

HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) is however only helpful when dealing with a single tumor or parts of it. Tumors that are more widespread cannot be helped by this procedure, so that advanced stage prostate malignant tumor will not find any remedy here. Also, HIFU does not pass through solid bone or air, so bone metastasis of prostate cancer cells also becomes a problem in treatment.

This ultrasound treatment for prostate carcinoma is at this time only available in certain parts of the United Kingdom, and only as part of a clinical trial. The therapy has not yet been approved for application in the United States, but naturally the medical community is looking forward to when this will be. It may not be the final word on prostate cancer intervention, but you will have to agree with me that it is will be a giant step toward asserting that men all over the world never again have to live in fear of the malignancy for want of proper cancer of the prostate treatments.

Sometimes they have to combine treatments, and sometimes certain treatments have to be administered before or after others are used. This is often because prostate cancer, although a generally slow growing malignancy, can suddenly manifest in a myriad of ways that call for special attention.

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