Stage 2 Prostate Cancer Treatment

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If you or your loved one were diagnosed with prostate cancer, then it is logical that the physician recommends the suitable treatment option for you. During the process of carrying out diagnostic procedures on you, the stage of the prostate cancer in you must have been identified. The stages of this condition range from stage 1 up to stage 4 (even though some say there’s stage 5). If the stage of your prostate cancer is identified as stage 2, then you need to read through this article to know some important facts about stage 2 prostate cancer treatments.
The higher the stage, the more risky will be the effect of the tumor in your body. In stage 1, the cancer cells in the prostate do not manifest any visible symptoms and the cells of the prostate still remain in shape. The stage 2 is the stage that is similar to the stage 1; the only difference being that the cells are slightly larger with the appearance of tumor, which make the cells swollen. Thus, in stage 2, the prostate is swollen slightly and there is a localization of the cancer cells in it. This is still an early stage of prostate cancer. Any treatment procedure that will be recommended will take these facts into consideration.
The best treatment for stage 2 prostate cancers is Radiation therapy ? where a beam of intense energy is focused on the cancerous cells to shrink it and prevent it from spreading. Also, Radical Prostatectomy is carried out as a surgical procedure to remove the entire prostate gland so that the cancer will not spread to other regions of the body. These two procedures are the best methods of treating prostate cancer cells especially at this early stage.

Stage 2 prostate cancers are diagnosed with the diagnostic method of Digital Rectal Exams (DRE) or an Ultra sound. It is not all good news for stage 2 prostate cancer treatment because they are usually complaints of side effects especially the loss of libido in patients. Before you undergo any of the above procedures for treating stage 2 prostate cancers, ensure that you have full knowledge of what the treatment entails and the side effects.

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