Prostrate Cancer Radiation Treatment

Prostrate Cancer Radiation Treatment is mostly known as External beam radiation therapy (EBRT). This method uses a special high powered kind of X-rays which kill the cancerous cells in the prostate and other parts that they have spread to. The biggest problem with using External beam radiation therapy (EBRT) is that it also adversely affects the surrounding healthy tissues. 

Unlike other kinds of early hormone therapy radiation for prostate cancer, when External beam radiation therapy (EBRT) wants to be carried out on you, the first steps usually involve the mapping of the exact area of the body where the radiation will be done. 

Thankfully, medical science has come up with computer-imagine software that works better than humans to find the absolute best angles that will be aimed with the radiation beams. With the use of these in creating precisely focused radiation, this helps in killing the EXACT cancer in the prostate, while drastically reducing scar or harm on the adjacent tissues. 

This External beam radiation therapy (EBRT) treatment can last for up to a week to as long as 8 or so weeks. This is because each of the sessions or appointments for the treatment takes about 10 or so minutes for the preparation while the radiation itself is just about one 1 minute only. 

If you are concerned about the pains, don’t be. This Prostrate cancer radiation treatment, also known as – External beam radiation therapy (EBRT) treatments are usually very painless. You won’t need to be placed under an anesthesia.

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