Prostrate Cancer Cure – Treatment Options

Like many of the other forms of cancer that there are, there is hardly such a thing as a surefire cure for prostate cancer, especially because the actual cause of the disease is not known. However, it is a fact that the condition can be cured in certain instances, especially when the disease has been diagnosed early enough to catch it before the carcinoma starts to spread from the prostate. To that end, the treatment options for this cancerous tumor that are administered with the intention of curing the patient are mainly prostatectomy and radiation therapy.

There are other treatments for prostate cancer – several, in fact – such as hormonal therapy, chemotherapy, proton therapy, cryosurgery, and High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), and they too can cure the disease; but as stated in the previous paragraph, they have to be given to the patient very early on in the disease because they tend to be most helpful only when they are aimed at a specific target. The previous two – surgery and radiation treatment – can be used to help to some degree of success even when the cancer is locally advanced.

Essentially then, what dictate the choice of treatment are the clinical scenario in which the patient is found, and the desired outcome from the treatment. For instance, one treatment for prostate cancer is active surveillance, which is actually more of a non-treatment. It is employed if the patient may be too old or too unwell to be put through any of the other therapies – that, or the disease may be in very early stages and progressing so slowly that the chances suggest he might die of other causes before he dies of the cancer.

A prostatectomy removes the tumor once and for all, and radiation kills the cancerous cells. Either way, the intention is to remove the source of the threat before it becomes more than just a threat. In several instances, the two treatments have to be given to the patient to achieve best results, especially when the cancer is considered to be a very aggressive type, and when the specialists are concerned about a relapse of the disease.

Hormonal therapy may have been an ideal prostate cancer cure because it generally causes the cancer to stop growing and even shrink for a while. The unfortunate limitation of the treatment, though, is that cancers that initially respond to it in general become resistant after a couple of years. As a result, it is reserved for when tumor has started to metastasize from the prostate gland to slow the cancer down so that other treatments may be used on it. Once the cancer hits the bloodstream, the lymph nodes, and gets to the bloodstream, there is no stopping it anymore, perhaps only slowing it down.

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