Prostate Radiation Treatment – The Potential Side Effects

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One of the surest treatments for prostate cancer known to the medical profession is radiation therapy or radiotherapy, in which beneficial or restorative radiation is calculatedly focused on the infected area to kill of cancerous cells and prevent further growth or metastasis of the condition to other parts of the body.

There are basically two different types of radiation therapy in cancer treatment, and they are both largely applied in the management of prostate cancer, depending on the level of advancement of the disease. Based on results gotten from a PSA test, the doctor can decide on the aggressiveness of a case of prostate cancer, and assign the condition a score on the Gleason scale, which tells any other physician more or less all about the findings on the diagnosis of this patient. The realized belligerence of this disease is thence what advices the kind of treatment that will be used to deal with this specific condition.

It is common to contemplate the surgical removal of the tumor first of all because it is the surest way to determine that the cancer is completely removed; however this often leads to complications like impotence due to damage to nerves in the prostate area. As a result, some kind of radiation therapy is preferred because it basically requires less expertise from a surgeon or oncologist, and damages are often reversible.

If you have not been diagnosed of metastatic disease, the chances or complete remission of your prostate cancer tumor are still plenty enough to be exciting. Better and much more preferred than prostatectomy, a prostate brachytherapy is usually the first type of radiotherapy considered in this instance. It involves the insertion of small radioactive seeds into your prostate through small incisions made by the doctor in charge. Basically, the seeds are located in regions close to the sighted mutated cells, destroying them and causing them to be passed out of the body; in the process, intense care is taken to avoid injuring any sensitive nerves in the area.

The second type of prostate radiation therapy, external beam radiotherapy, is a more general form of the same prostate cancer intervention, and one that is usually applied when the disease has metastasized or spread to other part of your body such as your bones and your lymph nodes. In this effort, the radiation beam is directed from an external source to the infected areas to slowly kill off the cancer cells. In certain instances, the process is employed alongside brachytherapy for improved results.

Primarily the side effect of radiation for prostate cancer is in the fact that it is also harmful to living and healthy cells in the human body. Although healthy cells are stronger and more resistant to the radiation than cancer cells, they are hurt in the process and could cause you other symptoms upon prolonged treatment like diarrhea and mild rectal bleeding due to radiation proctitis, as well as potential urinary incontinence and impotence. However, these symptoms tend to improve over time.

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