Prostate Cancer Treatments Side Effects

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Whether you want to learn specifically about brachytherapy prostate cancer side effects or side effects of radiation for prostate cancer, or general prostrate cancer side effects, this article will prove helpful.

Most men prefer to go ahead with the available treatments for prostate cancer in spite of the known side effects that occur up to ninety percent of the time. It certainly isn’t an easy choice, especially considering that the disease is a slow growing one that may remain in the prostate gland without causing any severe symptoms for a very long time. And with the possibility that the man could die of other symptoms of aging before the indicating signs of prostate melanoma finally arrest him, it definitely might look like he stands a chance in the race against the progression of the disease.

But prostate malignancy is after all a cancer, and you don’t want to take chances with cancer. The long time symptoms of the disease are more or less everything that the patient is afraid the treatment will do to him, and then some. Plus, there is the added pain, the weakness, the bleeding, and the eventual death that will come if he allows the tumor to progress and metastasize all over the body ? lymphatic system, bones, and other tissues.

So what about the side effects of prostate cancer therapy?

To a great extent, they are manageable in some way. For instance, chemotherapy can cause the hair of the patient to fall out, but the hair will grow back; radiation therapy can cause proctitis, which results in mild fecal bleeding and diarrhea, plus urinary and fecal incontinence, but these effects often fade a few weeks after the treatment is completed; hormone treatments tend to cause hot flashes, weight gain, enlargement of breasts, loss of libido, and osteoporosis; and surgery could cause impotence, the same way as most of these other remedial courses for prostate cancer, and loss of urinary control.

The critical fact is that these side effects often fade as soon as the treatment is discontinued, or shortly after, except for the impotence, which is as a result of permanent damage to the nerves and blood vessels in the prostate region. Penile sensation remains also, as well as the ability to achieve orgasm; but erection and ejaculation are often impaired. Although most men with prostate sarcoma choose to go ahead with the treatment, they are not usually very excited about this particular point, and as soon as they are able to do so, they begin to source for alternative remedies to the side effects of their prostate cancer remedies.

To deal with the impotence in particular, more or less the only side effect of treatment that does not go away with time, medications like sildenafil are actually widely used because they tend to restore the patient to some degree of potency. Sildebafil is sold as Viagra in the United States; and other drugs, especially Levitra and Cialis also offer some assistance in this regard. The male enhancement pump may help with prostate cancer treatment aftermath, but very likely only to a limited extent. You might want to talk to your doctor about the specifics of that.

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