Prostate Cancer Treatment Hormone

I found that lots of people looking for Prostate Cancer Treatment Hormone information were actually looking for information about the Hormone therapy treatment method. This form of prostate cancer treatment involves attempting to prevent the body from producing any more male sex hormones testosterone. 

The idea is that since these male sex hormones testosterone are responsible for stimulating the growth of the cancer cells, if they can be stopped, then the cancer cells will also be stopped. For those with the advanced prostate cancer stages, this hormone therapy has been seen to work a great deal in shrinking the cancer, as well as drastically slowing the tumor growths. 

For best results, hormone therapy is used by lots of doctors in combination with surgery or radiation therapy. Since these treatments help greatly in stopping or even drastically slowing down the further growth of other stray cancer cells that are left behind, lots of people say it’s a good way to cure prostate cancer. 

Remember – just stopping the prostate cancer from getting testosterone doesn’t always kill all of the cancer cells. In some cases, within a few short years, the cancers start learning to survive without testosterone. In such cases other treatments have to be used. To stop such resistance, programs known as intermittent hormone therapy programs are now developed and introduced, to help solve this problem.

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