Prostate Cancer Treatment Hormone – Hormone Treatment for Prostate Cancer

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Whether you use terms such as prostate cancer treatment hormone or hormone treatment for prostate cancer, or even say prostrate cancer hormone treatment, it’s obvious you are saying the exact same thing.

There are a lot of options by which your doctor or physician may think that your prostate carcinoma condition can or should be taken care of, which include cryosurgery, various types or degrees of prostatectomy, or even the very common and increasingly relied upon chemotherapy. However, two of the most reliable treatment procedures for prostate cancer are hormone therapy and radiotherapy. Generally, they can also be applied in some form in the treatment of several other forms of cancer, and to varying degrees of success, but when it comes to prostate cancer, you may get your hopes up to some degree.

What gives in prostate cancer treatment are mainly two factors that must always be taken into consideration, as well as a number of other minor conditions that are nonetheless important. You need to first of all understand that prostate cancer is a condition that affects mostly old folks ? guys pushing fifty years of age and above. Also, the condition is a slowly progressing malignancy that could kill, but that could also easily be supplanted by any number of other diseases that are associated with old age. In that wise, physicians in certain instances may choose not to treat you at all, or to wait until they have more reason to do so before they commence medication or treatment. This is usually what is meant by “watchful watiting”.

Secondly, the stage to which the prostate cancer has progressed by the time it is detected and properly diagnosed goes a long way in informing the decision to administer whatever treatment procedure is considered appropriate. In some cases, especially if the patient is unable to undergo a surgical procedure or radiation therapy due to any number of health problems, the doctor may choose to use hormones to treat your prostate cancer. This is hormone treatment or hormonal therapy.

Hormone treatment for prostate cancer basically uses hormone replacement medications to block prostate cancer cells from getting DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, a hormone that is produced in the prostate and required for growth and spread of cancerous cells. The cancers may thus stop growing or even shrink. The challenge is that prostate cancer hormone therapy treatment may not ‘cure’ the condition, and may even cause it to become resistant after a number of years. In that wise, other treatment procedures for prostate cancer may have to be applied to complete the prostate cancer cure. Some people say that current treatments for hormone resistant prostate cancer and even Supplemental Short term hormone treatment for prostate cancer exist.

Radiotherapy uses x-rays or high energy radiation to effectively kill the cancer cells, or at the very least stop them from growing. It may be performed in either of two ways ? internally or externally depending on the progression of the syndrome. Internal radiotherapy inserts radioactive material sealed in seeds into your prostate under the influence of a local anesthesia, while the external procedure beams the radiation directly to your body from the machine source.

Both hormone treatment and radiotherapy are most effective for the treatment of early stage prostate cancers.

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