Prostate Cancer Treatment – Estrogen Therapy: Estrogen Patches

One of the earliest treatments that may be considered for a prostate cancer patient is hormonal therapy, and it is also one of the most effective. It does have a limitation of not actually being able to cure the carcinoma, but hormonal therapy (or hormone treatment) is extremely helpful in slowing the progression or the disease or even stopping its growth. In several intervening instances, hormonal treatment is in point of fact employed to cause the cancer tumors to shrink so that the patient can be operated upon or radiation therapy can be applied.

Hormone treatment is a helpful technique for managing certain cancers because several of them, especially the cancers of the male and female reproductive systems, depend heavily on gender specific sex hormones to breed and propagate. By denying the tumors the critical hormones that are required to fuel their growth, physicians are able to starve the melanomas such that they lose momentum and are curtailed. Then other therapies may be employed to do away with them.

There are two ways in which hormonal therapy can be used manage prostate cancer. One way is by actually carrying out a surgery to extract the gland in the body that produces the implicated hormone, which would be the adrenal gland in the male system that secretes testosterone and dihydorepiandrosterone. The second approach is to find an alternative means to stop or counter the production of these hormones. The use of estrogen patches for prostate cancer treatment is one such alternative approach.

Estrogen therapy for prostate cancer treatment usually uses any of the group of female sex hormones that stimulate secondary female sex characteristics and control growth of the lining of the uterus during the first part of the menstrual cycle (estrone, ethinyl estradiol, and estriol, all produced primarily in the ovaries) in the male body to counter the effect or production of adrenal endocrines to arrest the growth of prostate tumors either in oral form or in form of the contraceptive patch. Synthetic forms of these estrogens also exist, namely Stilbestrol and ethinyl estradiol, five and ten times as potent as estrone, and used to treat advanced and disseminated cancer of the prostate gland in men.

Estradiol is a specific estrogen that has found great use in this regard. Beyond merely relieving the discomforts of menopause, it also helps in treating breast and prostate cancer. The estradiol contraceptive patch is a small, plastic skin patch that women usually use to release low doses of female sex hormones into their system to prevent pregnancy. But more than that, it also helps to prevent the secretion of the adrenal hormones in the male reproductive system, so that the cancers of the prostate can be starved as required.

The application of this medication should however never be attempted without the guide of a certified doctor because they can advice best what doses of the patch is required to limit the side effects. You should be advised that hormonal treatment doesn’t exactly cure prostate cancer; it merely makes it easier to be treated by other therapies like surgery and radiation.

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