The Benefits of Undergoing Laparoscopic Robotic Prostatectomy

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If your prostate cancer is caught early then it becomes necessary to treat once and for all. Medically, it has been confirmed that early stage cancer of the prostate can be treated especially by the removal of the prostate gland. The ready option to effectively do this is by applying the radical prostatectomy. This is a traditional surgical method of treating localized prostate cancer cells. However, there are lots of issues with radical prostatectomy and this is because of the side effects. These side effects include: Urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction, pains, blood loss and long recovery time.

You don’t have to undergo all these side effects if the only option you have to treat your localized prostate cancer is through surgical procedure. You can opt for laparoscopic Robotic Prostatectomy. This is another surgical procedure for treating localized prostate cancer but with less invasive surgical technique. This procedure is also known a robot – Assisted prostatectomy or Robotic Surgery. Here are highlights of the benefits you will enjoy when going for this type of surgery to treat localized prostate cancer.

  • When carrying out Laparoscopic Robotic Prostatectomy, there is minimal incision. This means that you are to experience minimal loss of blood, minimal use of the catheter and fast recovery.
  • This type of surgery ensures you experience reduced risks of urinary incontinence. In the more traditional approach, nearby tissues could be damaged because of the incisions but in the Laparoscopic Robotic Prostatectomy, these inconveniences are minimized.
  • In addition, this robotic surgery brings about less risk of sexual dysfunction. This is based on the fact that the surgeon has clear view of the structure or anatomy of the body, and is less likely to make damage cells responsible for sexual functions during the procedure.
  • Other benefits of undergoing Laparoscopic Robotic Prostatectomy include less scarring on the body, less pain, and better precision in carrying out the surgical process.  For sure, there is nothing you would want more than this.

The advantages that laparoscopic surgery has over the more invasive approach cannot be overemphasized. The above benefits highlight the chief benefits you should expect. So, you may want to opt for Laparoscopic Robotic Prostatectomy so as to undergo a less invasive surgical approach when treating localized prostate cancer. For more details on this procedure, talk to your doctor or Board Certified Surgeon and Urologist.  They can tell if you are really a candidate for this type of surgery.


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