Life After Prostate Cancer Surgery – Side Effects Of Radical Prostatectomy

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There is hardly any point in stating the obvious but I’d state it anyway: life is never the same after you have been through a radical prostatectomy. And that is true in more ways than one.

To begin with, the mere realization that you have just had a close shave with death can be a profoundly a life-changing thought that may not soon leave you. Prostate cancer, according to facts and statistics, kills only about ten percent of the patients that suffer from it. (The actual number of sufferers in the United States can be gotten from the websites of the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society, who also reveal that over 200,000 new patients are diagnosed each year, and over 20,000 men die from this cancer every year). There are no guarantees that you could have been one of the casualties of the disease, but there are no guarantees the other way either.

Another profound change is that following your prostatectomy; you are bound to lose your potency for at least a while. Some men actually never even get their ability to achieve an erection back again, while others claim that within several weeks they were back to having regular sexual intercourse. Whereas either instance is true, there again is no way of telling which category you might fall into. The condition is remediable by various techniques such as taking of pills (Viagra), vacuum pumping the penis to erection (by VED pumps), injecting a substance into the side of the penis, and so on. There is no question though, that men would rather have it the old way when they needed no artificial assistance to have sex.

Continence also often goes with the completion of the operation, and this more or less results in a patient having to get himself some adult diapers in post prostate cancer surgery because he is no longer able to hold his bladder. It can be depressing when a man has to view himself as a bit of an adult baby ? the thing it does to the morale! . Right after the surgery, you mostly have to wear a catheter dangling around your ankle, but in a matter of week, the incontinence generally fades off to almost nothingness.

It is often to have blood appearing in urine for the first couple of week after the surgery as well, but the bleeding invariably stops after some bed rest and drinking fluids. Also, urination may be uncomfortable and the need for it urgent for a while. Again this is one of those symptoms that fade with time. However, if you see blood clots in your urine, you need to be concerned and while you are worrying, go see a doctor. As a matter of fact, you should clear it all up with your doctor before you go in for the procedure so that you can be mentally and psychologically armed for life after surgery before it is upon you.

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