After Prostate Cancer Surgery – Hints on Risks Associated with This Treatment

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If you have prostate cancer that is still localized then you may need to undergo prostate cancer surgery to remove the entire prostate gland.

This is a treatment usually recommended to prevent the spread of cancerous cells from the prostate to other parts of the body.

Localized prostate cancer cells are those still within the confines of the prostate and these are often in the early stages of the disease.

There are risks associated with any type of procedure used in treating diseases in individuals. This is also the case when it comes to using surgical procedures for prostate cancer. The following paragraphs highlight risks you may experience after prostate cancer surgery.

Surgical procedures for prostate cancer

There are many types of surgical procedures for prostate cancer. The well known ones include Radical prostatectomy and the Robotic assisted prostatectomy. The former uses traditional invasive surgery to remove the prostate, while the latter uses robots to get rid of the prostate. The Robotic assisted procedure shows fewer risks than the radical approach.

Common risks of prostate cancer surgery

After prostate cancer surgery, the patient is likely to experience many types of risks. These may include: pains, blood clots in the urine, incontinence and erectile dysfunction. Incontinence and erectile dysfunction are the most prominent risks experienced by men after undergoing surgery.

Incontinence refers to a condition in which the man is not able to control the flow of urine after the surgical operation that was carried out to remove the prostate. Erectile dysfunction relates to a condition in which the man is no able to have sex after the surgery.

For both incontinence and erectile dysfunction, certain nerves or tissues may have been damaged during the procedure. However, the severity of these risks differs from one man to another. The factors that will determine how severe the risks are include the stage of the cancer, the type of surgery carried out, and the skill of the surgeon carrying out the procedure.

After prostate cancer surgery risks like erectile dysfunction and incontinence could be devastating for the man. However, there are still some effective post treatment measures that can be prescribed by the doctor to help the patient.

For instance, if the surgery has affected your sex life and you are not able to have ejaculation, then you can be given some erectile dysfunction drugs, penile implants, or vacuum devices to help restore you sexuality.

Finally, for more information about after prostate cancer surgery, contact your doctor or urologist.

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