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The thing about drinking is that it has been bashed so badly in the past that even people who consume alcohol in large quantities today see themselves as societal outcasts and are never in a hurry to show for their vice. Funny thing then that alcohol should now have one of the key ingredients that could mean the end to prostate cancer malignancy once and for all. For a long, long time now, studies have always suggests that eating a healthy diet, especially one rich in fruits and vegetables, can lower the risk of certain cancers. Other studies implicate diets high in fat with certain cancers, especially breast and prostate cancer; and finally those which assert that limiting consumption of alcoholic beverages to one drink a day may also lower the risk of certain cancers.

It is no news that most of the medical community believe that persons who smoke and drink excessively run an especially high risk of developing cancers, but incredibly the most recent studies actually shoe a converse to that theory: drinking even more than six alcoholic beverages a week not only fails to worsen enlarged prostate any worse, but it actually improves prostate function, even more than in men who have sworn off the bottle.

So what does that mean for a prostate cancer patient or someone who is at high risk of the disease? Very simply, it is that prostate symptoms are actually better with alcohol. Fresh revelations from research point out that “patients who claim they drank more complained of less irritative and obstructive (prostate) symptoms.” They had better sex and they pissed better too.

Specifically with respect to prostate cancer, a positive association has been found between moderate alcohol consumption and the risk of developing prostate cancer. One study stated clearly that liquor (and not wine or beer) consumption was positively associated with prostate cancer; while another showed only a weak association between overall alcohol intake and prostate cancer risk. As a matter of fact, in contrast to most previous studies, it was found that men who consumed four or more glasses of red wine per week reduced their risk of prostate cancer by as much as fifty 50 percent.

It is now believed that there must be a beneficial compound in red wine that other types of alcohol lack, which may be an antioxidant called resveratrol, that helps to protect the function of free radicals in the body; and it also believed, with regard to beer, that a main ingredient of the brew known as xanthohumol not only slows the progression of prostate cancer cells, but it also has the potential to cause programmed cell death (or apoptosis) in men with the disease.

It is a lot to handle all of a sudden, wouldn’t you agree? Prostate cancer and alcoholism as suddenly being such good friends. It by no means suggest that you should take up the bottle with little regard for your life because there are still other risks that alcohol posses to your life, however you can start up with your few glasses a week and keep it up until the final results are out concerning precisely how alcoholism affects your spate with prostate cancer.

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