Prostate Cancer Nursing Care – Caring For A Patient

As a human being who has only recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer, the realization as the words sink in and your world begins to crash all around you can be… for want of a better phrase, earth shattering. But that aside, living with such a man and caring for him can be a major challenge as well. Even the very strongest man alive will have his moments of self loathing and depression when he stops to consider the risk to his life and livelihood, the near assurance of a reduced quality of life, and all of those other nasty freebies that come with a diagnosis of a malignancy of the cells of the prostate gland. Those are not the only times when caring for such a man can be a challenge, but they are certainly some of the worst.

Being the spouse or child of someone suffering from prostate cancer is most definitely going to imply more than a few changes to the way you have been living your life so far. Even if the patient claims that he wants to be alone, you should know right there and then that that is the last thing that he needs to be – alone; where with his thoughts he can sink into an even greater depression and decide to do himself some bodily harm, or someone else. But since you have a life of your own to live and you cannot be there all the time to personally keep an eye on your loved one by yourself, you best port of call might be to high you are nurse to care for the aging man.

Prostate cancer nursing care may not be necessary for certain people, especially men who are fortunate enough to have caught the melanoma early enough to be able to treat for a cure. By that time, they are not likely to have started to feel any symptoms from the disease, and they could very easily be lucky enough that the side effects of therapy or surgery do not cause them to lose potency. However, a man whose suffering has the mutated and malignant prostate cells already migrating from the prostate gland faces even more chances of severe complications from any kind of treatment, and even a worse prognosis than others.

It does not help much that most patients are men in their seventies and who may be approaching some form of senility themselves. Nonetheless, even men who are still vital and agile could very well be a mess when they suffer from incontinence. One of the worst symptoms of prostate cancer occurs in later stages of the disease when the metastatic cancer cells have had a chance to invade the bones of the spinal column so that they are now pressing against the spinal cord itself. Such a man suffers from leg weaknesses and is usually unable to get around much by himself. In addition, he also tends to suffer from fecal and urinary incontinence, which may require him to wear a bag underneath him to help with waste disposal.

The merits of each case vary extensively, but essentially, nursing care might seriously be the best way to handle them.

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