Prostate Cancer More Condition Treatment

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Lots of people interested in learning about the treatments for prostate cancer erroneously type in wrong phrases in the search engines, such as Prostate Cancer More Condition Treatment. This article shows you some of the treatments for prostate cancer that have proved very effective over the years. 

Before going into the treatments, it’s important for you to know this – prostate cancer is NOT a killer disease as most people will let you believe. Yes, it kills, but MORE people can survive prostate cancer, especially if they are diagnosed and treated in good time. That’s why early detection is critically important to the survival of prostate cancer victims. Another fact is that MORE people diagnosed with prostate cancer survive 5 years upwards; so if you have prostate cancer, don’t fret to death about it. There are treatments that can help.

One of the most effective prostate cancer condition treatments is of course Surgery. While lots of people dread prostate cancer surgery, it’s very good in helping. Surgery in this case involves removing the prostate gland (also called prostatectomy). 

Another prostate cancer treatment option is Radiation. Others include Hormone Therapy for prostate cancer, Cryosurgery and Watchful Waiting (even though this can’t really be said to be treatment option, but that’s what lots of men aged over 70 years do). 

Other Prostate Cancer More Condition Treatments can be said to include Prostate Chemotherapy, but this is mostly if the disease hasn’t spread to the other areas of the body. Another is Prostate Brachytherapy and Prostate Cryotherapy. 

The good news with prostate cancer is that it can be survived if it’s detected in good time and the cancer cells gotten rid of. With the right tests, such as PSA test and others, and the right cancer treatment, MOST people can survive prostate cancer. 

So, if you have just being diagnosed with prostate cancer or someone you know has been diagnosed, you shouldn’t think it’s the end of the world. It’s not. It can be the beginning of the rest of your life where you live even longer than the doctor that diagnosed you of the condition. I know it can be genetic sometimes, but not in every case. More so, not every tumor is cancerous, but it pays to check out every tumor early in the day.

Lastly, remember – if others have survived prostate cancer, you CAN as well. So – always stay open to a prostate cancer treatment that can save your life. The right attitude can also help you – sometimes much more than any kind of treatment or medication that you will take.

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4 Responses to “Prostate Cancer More Condition Treatment”
  1. graham platt says:

    Hi, my dad is 82 and he has psa reading of 75. The doctors do nothing. They say he is to old to help even though he’s more healthy than his doctor. If they do nothing it will kill him. Can you help?

  2. ProstateCancerVictory says:

    They are probably using the option that is called “watchful waiting” as they might have seen the condition “could” remain a non-issue until his natural death. If you feel otherwise, talk to other doctors. You don’t have to rely on only one doctor about this, especially if you feel strongly that something should be done.

  3. Ty says:

    my father has just been diagnosed with the very first stages of prostate cancer, and the Dr told him it is up to him what treatment he wants to have. He advised monitoring him every 3 months, which my father wasn’t really happy about. He is 56, very healthy strong man, and would like to no more about the new treatment that involves implating seeds. He is very scared about having any kind of chemo, or radiation as the Dr said he may end up with a bowel or urination bag. What are the stats of this happening if he does do the radiation treatment.

  4. ProstateCancerVictory says:

    First things first, I am very happy that your father’s case was detected pretty early. If it’s indeed the first stages of the condition, then there’s a VERY HIGH likelihood of surviving the prostate cancer. So, that’s a good thing.

    If your father isn’t knowledgeable about the condition, then it’s not a good thing for the doctor to say it’s up to him what treatment he wants. I also don’t recommend “only” monitoring, which is also called “watchful waiting”. It’s better to commence the “right” treatment right away. And of course, the right treatment will depend on lots of factors – which your father and the doctor(s) will work out.

    About new prostate cancer treatment involving implanting seeds, it’s called BRACHYTHERAPY – the placing (or implanting) of radioactive seeds in the victim’s prostate gland. Also called “internal radiation therapy”, “seed implant therapy”, or “interstitial radiation therapy” brachytherapy seems more effective for lots of people because it basically spares the healthy and nearby tissues, than other forms of treatment.

    I’d suggest your father discusses this treatment option and others with the doctor(s) re which will be best for him, under the circumstances, before going ahead with any.

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