Prostate Cancer Incidence Rate and Treatment in Europe

Prostate cancer is the ninth most common cancer in the world but in the UK is easily falls to second place as the most common cause of cancer fatalities in men. With over 56,000 deaths in the European Union in 1998 alone, it most definitely is a challenge that has to be faced head on before it takes out the entire continent. Worsening the spate of the condition is that fact that there are no obvious preventive strategies on ground, which are guaranteed to make a great deal of difference, short of the manipulation of risk factors. As such improved and more widespread screening has been initiated to reduce the number of deaths.

But is there a reason for prostate cancer being so high in occurrence in Europe? Absolutely; except that the actual cause of the disease is not known. The highest incidence of prostate cancer in the world is certainly not in Europe but in the United Stated states, but by observing obvious trends, it is clear that the countries of the third word have a much lower occurrence of the disease than the nations in the developed West: there observably is something in there.

So taking a closer look at the general habits and environmental factors that distinguish these varied economies from each other, it suddenly becomes plain as the nose on your face that there has to be a link to the diets and lifestyles of people that results in their increased or lowered risk of disease. For instance, in the UK, folks rarely put themselves through as much physical activity as they once used to. With the convenience of technology, processes are so much easier now than they ever were that chemicals and juices now have the chance to build up in the body causing all kinds of things.

The other risk factor, diet, is also obvious enough. For as far back as anyone cares to look, scientist have zeroed increased cancer risk on a poor high fat and low-vitamin diet. It rings true when you consider that most people in the third world (South America, Asia, and Africa) eat foods rich with fibers and unsaturated fatty acids, which have been established as remedial for prostate cancer. In the UK, they indulge in way too many processed foods and red meat and all of those other things that we should do without.

For the record, these are not cures for prostate cancer; merely a resonance of the facts as delivered by the results of various researches. For reduced risk of the disease, these workable factors can be manipulated to full effect; and for the treatment, certainly the appropriate modulations have to be made as well. Reading this, at the very least you should talk to your doctor and then to your nutritionist. And if you don’t already have a means of expending your excess energy, you should find yourself a trainer to help with the workouts.

Currently in Europe today, there are two randomized screening trials underway that are expected to provide their own benefits in reducing the death rate on the continent by administering appropriate treatment for positive screened cases. Mass screening may not need to be introduced at the national level, but at least the people have to find a way to know when they have the disease so that they can be treated to the best prostate cancer remedies.

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