Prostate Cancer In Dogs – Research and Treatment

Looking for information on prostate cancer dogs or prostate problems in dogs? This article provides you with very useful information on the subject. When it comes to dogs, they are not called man’s best friend just for the sake of it: dogs have found good use in various ways by which they contribute to the quality of human life, especially to improve it. You know how helpful a blind dog can be ? not an actual blind dog, but one that helps to lead a blind person; you know how entertaining they can be on the big screen, and in circus display, and even in the home ? how the dog could very easily be your only companion because it is the only one who will not talk back at you or push you away.

But do you know that there are prostate cancer dogs and that dogs also have use in the treatment of prostate cancer! How? They are used in research. Alright, don’t go losing it but think about it? See, dogs, apes, and other mammals are that closely similar to human beings that a lot of the organs in their bodies have more or less the same physiology. As a result, they are almost responsive to the same diseases and ailments, most specifically, cancers in the prostate organs of dogs. Yes, you read that right, there exists prostrate cancer in dogs and prostate problems dogs.

Prostate cancer in dogs more or less follows the same bodily processes as it does in human beings, making them ideal for the tests that have to be carried out in order to find better treatments and cure for the condition. Naturally there are those who would frown at this thought, but the truth is that you can’t eat your cake and have it. One cannot just jump into the street, grab a human being and start to experiment on them; and even if the human volunteered for the procedure, you certainly would want to save such a person for a later stage when you are more certain that the technique or treatment you are working on is that much more reliable.

Incidentally, the usefulness of dogs in prostate cancer treatment research has already been proved close to a hundred years ago when Charles Brenton Huggins found that prostate cancer cells in dogs responded to hormonal treatments by either ceasing their progression or even reversing it. It was about the first step toward improving hormonal therapy into being one of the preferred treatments for prostate cancer that we have today.

Huggins won the Nobel prize for that finding, by the way; and I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather it was the dog than it was me. Societies like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) may frown upon such, but if the testings save human lives I don’t suppose there is anything too farfetched about that. other animals used in such testings include rodents, cats, and yep, reptiles.

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