Prostate Cancer Hormone Therapy Treatment

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It is unfortunate but true that the efficacy of hormonal treatment in prostate cancer intervention is riddled with controversies, especially with respect to early or delayed treatment. Other factors that relate to how precisely the treatments should be administered to the patients are also being hotly debated, and everyone is offering their views based on research findings, intuition, and sometimes actual experiences in dealing Hormone Therapy to live patients.

This article looks at some of the more prominent issues that surround hormone therapy that not all doctors or specialists appear to agree on. The best time to start and stop the treatment, the best way to give it, and so on, are explored below.

Hormone Treatments for prostate cancer Patients ? Early or Delayed ? There are about as many oncologists who believe that hormone therapy works better if it is started as soon as possible even for cancers that have reached an advanced stage as there are those who think otherwise. When an adenoma has spread to the lymph nodes, it does constitute a bigger problem. It the cancer tumor is T3 large, or if it has a high Gleason score, or if after an initial treatment the PSA level of the patient starts to rise again in spite of the fact that the patient feels perfectly alright.

Especially because of the side effects of treatment, several oncologists believe that is it wiser in such instances to wait for more evidence of benefit, while others think that treatment should resume right away. There are studies, which prove that hormone treatments tend to slow down the disease and lengthen the patient’s survival, although maybe not in all cases, but the risk to the patient needs to be taken into account. As a result of these, studies are underway to answer the questions.

Hormone Treatments for prostate cancer Patients ? Intermittent or Continuous ? It is a fact that cancers that initially respond to hormonal therapy typically become resistant after one to two years. To that end, some specialists consider the possibility of constant androgen suppression being more harmful to the patient than an intermittent, on-again-off-again administration of the treatment. Again there are those who believe and there are those who veto, so that clinical trials of intermittent hormonal therapy are currently still in progress to determine whether it is better or worse than continuous hormonal therapy. Intermittent hormonal treatment however seems to afford the chance of avoiding the worst side effects of hormonal therapy like impotence, hot flashes, and loss of sex drive.

Certain other arguments focus on combined androgen blockade (CAB) and triple androgen blockage (TAB). Some treat patients with both androgen deprivation and an anti-androgen, and some have suggested that taking combined therapy by adding 5-alpha reductase inhibitor to CAB should improve the curative results of the therapy. However, there are doctors who believe that there is not enough evidence to prove that, as such, research is again enforced to prove the point.

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