Early Hormone Therapy Radiation Prostate Cancer

There are those who have questions about which treatment option is best for prostate cancer once the diagnosis has been made; why, certainly every man who has ever been diagnosed with the condition would have at least thought that question several times before the final decision is made, especially considering that all of these treatments for prostate type of cancer have their benefits and detriments, and no one is ever eager to deal with the detriments.

Deciding between hormone therapy and radiation therapy for the treatment of early stage prostate cancer, there are a few factors that one has to take into consideration. One such factor is the treatment objective, and another factor is what the capacities of each remedy are as well.

Hormone therapy has been shown to slow or stop the progression of prostate carcinoma cancer and even cause the cancer to shrink in several instances. Radiation therapy on the other hand simply kills the cancers wherever it is directed to. In the process however, radiation therapy causes damage to other cells in the body, causing radiation proctitis and therefore also resulting in side effects like diarrhea and mild rectal bleeding. Other potential side effects of radiation treatment are urinary incontinence and impotence, some of which fade as the effects of the treatment wear off.

Hormonal therapy rarely causes impotence, although it has been known to slow a man down over the long run. There are no rectal complications to speak of for a man treated for prostate cancer with hormonal therapy, certainly no diarrhea, even though the man may suffer from a reduced sexual drive or desire, and may start to observe his breasts grow in size.

With the foregoing hormonal therapy might seem the favored option, but then we come to considering what the objective is for treating the patient. Considering that the carcinoma has been detected in the early stages, the intention would most certainly be to cure the condition before it gets the chance to spread. Radiation therapy does this and is even considered by the medical community ? along with prostatectomy ? to be one of the best treatments for early stage prostate cancer with the intention to cure.

Here, hormonal therapy falls short. After the cancer has shrunk for a while, it becomes resistant after about a year or two, and the tumor starts to grow again. This makes hormone treatment insufficient for early stage prostate cancer. But it does mean that it helps with advanced stage disease to slow the progression of the cancer. It may even also be used to treat early stage prostatic adenocarcinoma in order to stop progression, reduce the size of the tumor, and then treat it to radiation therapy or something else.

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