Prostate Cancer Hormonal Treatment and Radiation Therapy

There are many procedures by which prostate cancer is remedied, and the reason is because there isn’t a single existing guaranteed cure for prostate cancer under the sun because of the variedness with which the condition may be incident in each patient. The factors that the specialist will want to consider before choosing the appropriate prostate cancer treatment for a patient include their age, the aggressiveness of the cancer, the likelihood of the disease relapsing, and the potential avoidance of harmful side effects from the treatments. Also, they want to listen to the patient and understand where they are coming from and what precisely is important to them.

Two of the most common and popular prostate cancer treatments are hormone treatment and radiotherapy. In prostate cancer intervention, either of these could be applied almost at any stage of the disease, but it is critical that the decisions are made for the right reasons.

Hormone treatment

Hormones are used to treat a patient with prostate cancer if the patient is unable to undergo surgery or radiation because of other health problems that they may have. Hormone treatment may also be used for cancers that recur or for shrinking the cancer before surgical prostatectomy or radiation therapy. The goal of hormone therapy is to reduce body levels of male hormones, especially testosterone, that can fuel the growth of cancers. When the cancers are unable to find fuel to stimulate their metastasis, they tend to die off.

Hormone therapy may include the administration of pills to stop the hormones from being secreted, or it may require a surgery to extract the gland that secretes the guilty gland.


The two common types of radiotherapy are brachytherapy and external beam radiation therapy. Many men choose brachytherapy because implantation of the required radioactive, rice-size pellets directly into the prostate is relatively simple, requires minimal hospitalization that hardly lasts longer than a day or two and leaves no surgical wounds. The pellets emit radiation from within the gland to kill the cancers, but if the tumor extends past the prostate, it may have to be combined with external-beam radiation to attack the outer reaches of the mass.

External beam radiation therapy requires the radiation to be beamed from a machine unto the parts of the body where the cancers are. A linear accelerator moves around the patient, shooting intense gamma or x-rays at the prostate from several different angles, aiming to limit the radiation hitting healthy tissue while providing a high aggregate dose to the tumor. Radiation may harm some healthy tissues in the process, but these side effects generally cease weeks upon completion of treatment.

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