Prostate Cancer And Treatment – The effectiveness of 3 Procedures

There are several remedies for prostate cancer, most of which are also applicable in the treatment of other forms of cancer; however the best treatments for prostate malignant tumor depend in a big way on the stage and grade of the disease as at the time of diagnosis. Other factors that measure up in the decision making process for prostate disease treatment are the treatments that are available at the clinic in question or to the patient, the overall state of mental and physical health of the patient, his age, and his feelings about each potential treatment and the side effects that stem from them.

1. Radiotherapy – this is applicable for any stage of prostate cancer, but it can only cure in the early stages. By applying ionizing radiation on the area containing the tumor, this procedure damages the abnormal cells, causing them to die. In the process, normal cells are hurt as well, but the normal cells are able to recover whilst the malignant cells are not. Internal radiation therapy uses radioactive ‘seed’ implants that are placed in the prostate by tiny incisions to attack the cancer from within, an external beam radiation therapy applies the irradiation from a linear accelerator source. Both techniques may have to be combined as one depending on how advanced or aggressive the cancer is

2. Prostatectomy – may be the first choice of intervention for the prostate cancer patient, but it may also be employed as a salvage therapy if the patient’s PSA continue to rise after radiation therapy. It surgically removes the prostate gland to rid of the tumor and cure the disease. Although it is very effective for early stage disease, due to complications that arise from the treatment, many patients would rather hold off for a while to see if the cancer worsens before they would go for the procedure. Also, doctors are looking to ways by which they can make it better. To that end, laparoscopic prostatectomy has emerged, and robotic assisted prostatectomy has emerged, all to the end that the side effects from the treatment may be lessened, and patient survival rates can be improved.

3. Hormonal therapy – is by no means a cure for prostate cancer but it is an effective treatment. Prostate cancer Hormones may not cause prostate cancer cells in the male reproductive system, but they worsen them because they feed on the androgens to grow. Hormonal therapy simply removes the hormones in question from the equation and thus causes the disease’s growth rate to slow or even the tumor to shrink. However, before the cancer adapts to the treatment and resumes growth, other interventions will have to be applied to cure the condition? for early stage disease.

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  1. Best Treatment For Prostate Cancer – 4 Effective Procedures to consider

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