Prostate Cancer Alternative Medicines and Treatment

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Alternative or unconventional medicine generally explores therapeutic practices, techniques, and beliefs that are outside the realm of mainstream Western health care, emphasizing therapies that improve quality of life, prevent disease, and address conditions that conventional medicine has limited success in curing. With respect to prostate cancer, alternative medicine by and large offers techniques that are considered safer and more natural, and that have been shown to work through varied experiences. This article explores some alternate medicines and treatments for prostate cancer, some of which are already proven to work and others that are still being questioned.

Diet – even medically it has been established that certain foods put man at increased risk of prostate cancer, and that there are others which reduce that risk. Most essentially, processed foods, high fat red meat, and dairy products rich in vitamin A palmitate and low in vitamins D and E, in general, contribute to prostate cancer risk. Conversely, foods with high vitamin content, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and omega-3 and omega-6 oils are a lot safer. In addition fibrous and non fibrous fruits and vegetables are also hugely recommended. If nothing else, they reduce the risk of getting prostate cancer; but already they have been proven medically to help lower PSA doubling times and slow the progression of prostate cancer in men already diagnosed with the carcinoma. You can’t go wrong with a healthy diet.

Exercise – there is no belittling the importance of exercise in healthy day to day living, especially if you are prone to disease or if you already are diagnosed and being treated for one. Even with prostate cancer, working out speeds up your metabolism to the end that toxins and harmful ingredients in your body are unable to stay and make a home there. Also, improved blood flow helps to expel harmful substances in your system so that you don’t even get much of a chance to get ill; plus, exercise helps to deal with obesity which is documented as significantly contributing to prostate cancer risk. Sincerely it is just about as simple as that; pick and keep up the exercise and you will get better results re prostate cancer.

Culinary herbs – there are a lot of natural produces that do incredible things for patients of prostate cancer. Take pepper, for instance, which its component capsaicin is making raves for causing prostate cancer cells to kill themselves; lycopene in tomatoes, long known for its health benefits especially with respect to prostate cancer; the saw palmetto, another culinary herb with antioxidant properties; and pomegranate juice, a blessing that when consumed in small quantities on daily basis can cause early stage prostate cancer to go into remission. The thing with the American system is that although these herbs are known for their benefits, they are not approved as medicines, so they are mostly sold as health food supplements. But so what? You can go out and get them when you are ready for it.

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