Prostate Brachytherapy And IMRT -Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy

IMRT – Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy – is a form of standard radiotherapy that involves varying the intensity of a radiation beam into several smaller beams that pinpoint and destroy cancerous cells and tissues while sparing normal organs and tissues. This treatment works well for various forms of cancer, including lung and abdominal, especially in sites where the cancer wraps around healthy organs and tissues in the body. In prostate cancer treatment, IMRT facilitates the tailoring of radiation dosages to the contours of the tumor still within the prostate gland while at the same time reducing the amount of irradiation incident on healthy organs and tissues.

Brachytherapy is also radiotherapy, but in contrast it requires placing radioactive rice-sized “seeds” inside of the infected organ (prostate gland), with the implants near or inside tumor itself. Usually the implants are permanently placed, with the risk of exposure to others considered negligible.

Radiation therapy is one treatment that can be used in just about every stage of prostate cancer that there is, albeit with different intentions. In early stage prostate cancer, the treatment can be used as an initial intervention for a patient, or as a salvage therapy after radical prostatectomy. Radiotherapy may ablo be combined with surgery for best effects, or it may be used in late stage disease to slow its progression. Using x- or gamma rays, the radiation attacks the DNA in cancerous cells and increases their chances of undergoing apoptosis. There are variations to the therapy, and IMRT and brachytherapy are just two of them. Others are 3DCRT (three dimensional conformal radiation therapy), HDR (high dose radiation) and IGRT.

Arizona Oncology Services is a leader in radiation therapy in the United States that has been first to offer leading edge treatments in radiotherapy within that regions for the greater part of 20 years, and then some. Providing the most comprehensive innovative therapies in radiation treatment, the facility is able to provide patients with the latest national clinical trials, including IMRT, IGRT, HDR, and stereotactic radiosurgery, all various forms of radiotherapy.

The AOS, as it is also referred to, has fully integrated cancer centers that deliver advanced clinical service; at the same time the establishment remains constantly ahead of innovations, especially in radiation, so that patients are able to get the latest and the best in technology, therapies and techniques.

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