New Treatment For Prostate Cancer That Has Spread To The Bones

If you are suffering from prostate cancer, especially the one that has spread out of the prostate, this is going to be good news. Like we always say on this website, it’s NEVER too late to give up when it comes to prostate cancer. We have awesome individuals and experts working around the clock, all over the world, to find more workable solutions and treatments to prostate cancer and other cancers out there.

As recently reported by the BBC, some awesome scientists over at Queen’s University in the United Kingdom have made very significant breakthrough in treatments for prostate cancer which has spread to the bone. It is said that they have developed a kind of combination treatment which is completely new from what has been used in the past or even presently.

But before jumping in joy, it’s important to note that they are still working on it, but the results so far gotten is promising. So, it’s just a matter of time before they will perfect it and make it available to people who need it. Right now it is going to be tested in what they call a “second phase”. It has already proven to be very successful in all the first and initial stages of trials being done thus far.

How This New Treatment For Prostate Cancer That Has Spread To The Bone Works

This new treatment works by combining the traditional old chemotherapy types of treatments with 2 powerful doses of a kind of radioactive chemical. The idea, according to Dr. Joe O’Sullivan, senior Clinical Oncology lecturer and consultant, is that this new combination treatment became necessary because the traditional old chemotherapy-only treatment was not always workable and effective in treating prostate cancer, especially when it has spread out of the prostate.

This is the first time such a combination treatment has been developed and tested, especially against the prostate cancer that has spread to the bones. So far so good, as they say. At least many sufferers of the condition can have some more hope, pending when the trials become conclusive and treatment becomes available to all who need it, not just in the United Kingdom, where this is being developed, but also all over the world.

The only sad part of this new treatment is that it will still take a few years to become conclusive and treatment available to all people. There are still two phases of trials to go, to determine whether it will be really safe and effective. The second trial phase is said to eventually involve as many as 100 different prostate cancer patients from the Netherlands and Northern Ireland.


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