New Prostate Cancer Treatments – Cryotherapy

This article looks into the so-called new cures or treatments for prostate cancer that is Cryotherapy and how it works with prostate cancer to help victims of the condition, or not.

No doubts about it ? Prostate cancer is one of the deadliest diseases known to men: it is a condition that man has had to live and deal with for the greater part of his existence. They have not always been aware of it because science was not always this good, and at one time it was believed to be just a natural event that came with old age for most men, especially since close to eighty percent of all living men will experience some of the general symptoms of prostate cancer once they are into and beyond their sixties, and certainly before they get the chance to die.

But improved science and improved diagnostic procedures have not only led us to know more about the existence of the cancerous disease, but also helped better to be able to identify it. Today now, even though much is yet lacking, a lot is known of the condition, and there are now quite a number of techniques by which prostate cancer ? and in fact most other forms of cancer ? can be treated.

The most well known prostate cancer common treatments are chemotherapy, the application of drugs and medications that specifically target metastatic cancer cells in the body; radiotherapy, which is a suitable treatment for all kinds of tumors, but best suited as a support for other prostate cancer treatments for best effect; hormonal therapy, the supplementation of hormones to arrest metastasis and shrink cancer cells; and several variations of prostatectomy, radical or laparoscopic, or a transurethral resection, based on the complicatedness of the disease.

But there are new prostate cancer treatments, too, that are being improved upon all the time. There is immunotherapy, which boosts your body’s immune system to fight the cancer. Also called biologic therapy, it relies on antibodies, which are naturally occurring proteins dedicated to defending the body against invasion by foreign substances, attacking the tumors sometimes directly, and sometimes merely delivering toxic agents like radioactive drugs and substances, to selectively target and harm the cancers. There is also, HIFU ? high intensity focused ultrasound ? which works by ablating or destroying the tissue of the prostate with the aid of sound waves of? well, high intensity. Essentially, the sound waves heat the prostate tissue to destroy the cancerous cells when the ultrasonic waves are precisely focused on specific areas with minimal risks of affecting other tissue or organs.

And then there is cryotherapy, or cryosurgery as it is more commonly called, a prostate cancer treatment that surpasses all other prostate cancer treatments by little more than the sheer fact that it is safer to perform, and the chances of damage to the patient are a lot less than are presented by other treatment procedures. A careful cryosurgeon inserts frozen metal rods into your prostate as far from critical nerves as possible, while protecting the urethra from freezing itself. When the cancer cells freeze, they die, and the patient can go on to live a normal life again? unless there are complications. The complications that may arise from cryosurgery include? er, impotence. But look on the bright side: at least you are alive to contemplate it; and you can still urinate, and feel aroused, and even ejaculate!

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