Natural Herb Cures For Prostate Cancer

Not everything has to be done the conventional way; as a matter of fact, especially with respect to prostate cancer, the entire medical community is stumped as regards the best cures for the melanoma. They do have a lot of conventional treatments for the disease – chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation therapy, and even surgery – but these remedies have their limits for when and how they can cure prostate cancer, and largely, they all offer some unpleasant side effects that people are not always too eager to want to deal with.

Herbal treatment is an effective alternative for men with a prostate cancer diagnosis, especially men who do not readily fancy clinical techniques and are looking for something different. Admittedly is it not backed by regular medicine, but it works, and you know it; all you need is early detection and continued herbal treatment under a practitioner who already has a reputation for delivering service to people are in dire need of it. A few natural cures for prostate cancer are thereby listed below for whichever you might consider viable for you.

Lycopene – found essentially in the tomato, it helps to fight the risk of developing cancer. Other sources of the substance are watermelons and grapefruits. By feeding on it, you permit lycopene to reverse the cell mutation process that forms the malignancy.

Saw Palmetto – a plant of the aracaceae family, a palm tree with spiny toothed leafstalks that is native to Southeastern United States, which helps to inhibit 5-alpha-reductase and interferes with the DRT as well as working as a phytoestrogen to fight prostate cancer.

Selenium – is provided from garlic, chicken, grains and shellfish. A constituent (and source) of vitamin E that acts as an antioxidant to block the harmful oxidation of free radicals in the body and thereby prevent you from having prostate cancer when the cells of your prostate gland are no longer able to mutate. Several studies actually link to selenium deficiency to prostate cancer in particular.

Prostal is another natural herb, although not too well known at this time, that is considered to have a remedial effect on the suffering of patients of prostate cancer. However, there are people who believe in it enough to want it anyhow. I would merely admonish that before you try it on, you should endeavor to see a specialist who knows more about these herbal remedies for prostate cancer, as well as a patient who has benefited positively from the treatment.

It is only a question of time before these alternative herbal courses for prostate cancer treatment become common knowledge and fall into mainstream practice. However, your life is at stake now and you may not have much time on your side. Find out already that the treatments are good for you, and go immediately for it.

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