Lupron Prostate Cancer- Lupron 2b Prostate Cancer Treatment

Whether you say Lupron Prostate Cancer, Lupron 2b Prostate Cancer or Prostate Cancer 2b Lupron, you are usually looking for answers to the same question. There are different types of androgen inhibiting drugs that doctors recommend when treating Prostate cancer in people. One of such drug is Lupron. This article will give you some important facts you need to know about this hormone therapy medication used in treating prostate cancer, even if you searched for “Lupron Depot2c Prostate Cancer.

If it was detected that your prostate cancer is caused by the increase in the levels of the male sex hormone androgen in your body, then you will be treated with drugs that will reduce or minimize the androgen level in the body. One of the ways of achieving this treatment is by the use of Luteinizin hormone release analogs (LHRH). This is a procedure in which LHRH analogs are put underneath the skin in the form of small implants. Lupron is one of the many kinds of drugs used for this procedure. Other types of LHRH analogs drugs include Eligard, Viadur, Trelstar and Zoladex.

Another fact you need to know about Lupron is that many will prefer to have this treatment instead of subjecting their body to Orchiectomy. (This is an invasive procedure of removing the testicles through surgery). The reason for preferring the use of Lupron to Orchiectomy is to avoid the stresses and rigors of undergoing the surgery.

If you want to know about how often is Lupron administered then you should must know that the drug can be administered monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. For some individuals, it might be administered monthly. For others, it is could be 3 months, 4 months or even in one year. This is another important fact you should know about Lupron. Lots of people seem to be preferring lupron treatment for prostate cancer and using lupron for prostate cancer.

Medical researches have approved the use of Lupron as a hormone therapy treatment of prostate cancer. In recent times, it has been used as an alternative instead of estrogens. Your doctor can give you further details about the uses of this drug and whether lupron for advanced prostate cancer is recommended or not.

Whether you should use the lupron injections for prostate cancer or use Lupron and Casodex as prostate cancer fighters or not, talk to your doctor before making any move towards this. Do not use this drug or any other without consulting with your doctor.

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