Interested In Knowing About Prostate Cancer Treatment In Austin Tx?

Are you looking for prostate cancer treatment Austin TX information?

Whether you live in Austin, TX or any other place, you need to learn all you can about prostate cancer treatments.

The following are some of the prostate cancer treatments available in Austin TX and other places in the United States:

Palliative therapy:

This is a type of prostate cancer treatment given in a case of advanced prostate cancer. These are medicines given to the victims of prostate cancer in order to relieve the symptoms of cancer such as pains, etc. Note that Palliative therapy does not alter the course of prostate cancer but it helps to improve the victim’s quality of life.

Prostate Cryotherapy:

Cryotherapy is another type of prostate cancer treatment in Austin TX that is hardly done for victims because of the high tendency of causing impotency.

It is a surgical operation in which liquid nitrogen is used to freeze and to kill the prostate cancer cells in the early stages when the tumor hasn’t spread outside the prostate.

Like all surgical operations, Cryotherapy is carried out on victims under anesthesia.


Radiotherapy is another type of prostate cancer treatment in Austin TX that is done to help shrink the cancer tumors and prevent them from spreading beyond the prostate.

It uses radiation (hence the name – Radiotherapy) that is beamed either directly from a radiation machine or is emitted by the small radioactive seeds which are implanted inside the prostate. This beam kills the cancer cells and has the tendency to shrink the tumors greatly.

Most doctors recommend Radiotherapy as a suitable alternative to surgery, especially when the prostate cancer is still in localized stage.

It is also mostly used when the cancer cells have spread too far in the pelvis to be surgically removed.

These and other prostate cancer treatments are available in Austin TX or any other place in the United States, since most males in the United States are more prone to the disease than anywhere else.

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