How to Treat Prostate Cancer ? 3 MORE Treatment Options

The existing procedures for treating prostate cancer are actually not few in number, and some of the are actually quite potent. The reason why there are so many of them is that they all have various instances in which they are most effective.

And they all have their respective side effects, which may be undesirable for some patients or oncologists. That is why there are still ongoing researches to find even more new and latest prostate cancer treatments  that are expected to be able to yield better results in bringing cure to prostate cancer patients who need them so badly. In the meantime though, we have to make do with what we have already, 3 of which are outlined below:

Immunotherapy – this procedure in treating prostate cancer boosts the body’s immune system defenses to fight the cancer. Naturally, the body has a mechanism that deal with anomalies, and the diseases that humans often get are those that are able to get past the body’s defense system. Immunotherapy has been determined to significantly prolong survival in men with advanced stage prostate cancers in a way that has not been realized by several other treatments. Often administration is done by the aid of medications much like is the case with chemotherapy, although it is usually reserved for late stage disease.

Chemotherapy – this is arguably one of the most well known treatments for various forms of cancer, and when it comes to prostate cancer, it is not too far behind either. Somehow, it appears as though chemo is also reserved for instances in which radiation treatments or surgery have been unable to cure the cancer, and it has started to spread to other regions of the body.

There are a lot of well known drugs, most of which are FDA approved that are used to kill cancerous cells in the body, especially cancers that are to be found in regions removed from the originating compound. The side effects of this treatment are extensive though, the most common ones being hair loss, endocrine malfunctions, likelihood of birth defects, and increased risk of leukemia.

Cryosurgery – otherwise known as cryotherapy, this procedure for prostate cancer treatment involves the freezing of the cells of the prostate to extremely low temperatures, causing melanomas to die in the process. This is considered a lot safer than standard radical prostatectomy, and it is believed to offer better ten year chances of the disease not returning. However, it also causes the undesired side effects of impotence, up to a scary ninety percent of the time! That is perhaps why it is still in research as scientists seek for better ways to make it work for them.

All of these treatments are mostly applicable in the instance of early stage disease, while the cancer is still inside of the prostate gland. Once the disease gets out, treatment often becomes much more difficult, and prognosis starts to look rather bad. Prostatectomy and radiation treatments can be used in later stages, but in improved forms and not so much with the aim to cure as with the intention of providing symptomatic of pain relief.

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