Hormone Treatment Prostate Cancer Information

Prostate cancer continues to lead to more deaths in not only the United States but also many countries of the world. There is now more growing need for different treatment methods for prostate cancer. One of such treatments for prostate caner is the hormone treatment.

To understand hormone treatment for prostate cancer, it is necessary for you to know that prostate cancer mostly relies on sex hormones to grow. There is the need therefore for hormone treatment to prevent the cancer cells from receiving the hormones they need from the body to grow.

Hormone treatment for prostate cancer seems very logical when you look at it closely. And best of all it is still one of the best ways of treating prostate cancer.

Hormone treatment may include surgical removal of the organs in the endocrine system that makes up the hormones.

By doing this, the cancer would no longer have the hormones they need to continue growing… in many cases.

There are also other types of drugs that stop hormone production or work to change the way the hormones grow. These drugs help to prevent the cancer cells from using the hormones to grow.

Some of these drugs are called Androgen blockers. They work to block the production of testosterone and other male hormones. When blocked the prostate cancer would have very little support to help it grow.

Hormone treatment for prostate cancer works effectively against prostate cancer especially when it is at the early stages (stages I or II). If continued, it has a very high rate of survival for the prostate cancer victim.

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