Facts on How Early and Aggressive Prostate Cancer Are Managed Effectively

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Prostate cancer originates from the prostate gland and spreads slowly to other parts of the body. This type of cancer is now the second highest killer of men after lung cancer. It is often diagnosed among men that are aging.

Other factors could be family history, diet, medications, genes, ethnicity etc. Whatever be the cause of prostate cancer, it is important to understand the most effective treatments to be applied so that the condition can be managed.

The management of prostate cancer can be categorized in two ways: Early prostate cancer management and aggressive prostate cancer management. Each of these management options come with their corresponding treatments. So, read through and understand facts on how each stage category of the disease is managed.

Management of early prostate cancer – By early prostate cancer, it means the cancer that is still localized within the prostate gland. This stage of prostate cancer can be treated with options like surgical removal of the gland, radiation therapy, and cryotherapy. In certain cases, active surveillance or watchful waiting can be applied. The administration of prostate cancer treatment at this stage depends on the age, the PSA level and the Gleason Score. The treatment can administer independently or could be combined.

However, it should be noted that prostate cancer treatment in the early stages does have some side effects which the man may have to contend with. Urinary incontinence and Erectile Dysfunction are the major side effects of these types of condition.

Management of aggressive prostate cancer – Aggressive prostate cancer is the type of prostate cancer that has metastasized to other parts of the body. This cancer has assumed a dangerous dimension and can lower the chance of survival for the person. Management of this type of cancer depends on the level of danger it poses to affected tissues.

Treatments are usually channeled to reduce the growth of the cells. Hormonal therapy, are the major chemotherapy treatments for aggressive prostate cancer. Other treatments like radiation and cryotherapy can still be used for in certain cases. There are still side effects to these types of cancer.

So, these are hints of treatments that can be used to manage early and aggressive prostate cancer. Remember, the application of a particular type depends on the type stage of the disease, the PSA level, or the Gleason score. You should also weigh the possibility of side effects in any of the options.

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