Effective Prostate Cancer Treatments – Can Calcitriol Be Any Good?

There has been a little bit of a wave in recent times about how calcitriol is a potentially incredible prostate cancer sure like none other that has come ever before it. It has had a lot of terminally ill prostate cancer patients clamoring to their doctors to prescribe them the medication and give them a chance at a new and healthy life. No doubt you would want to know if that is true also, so that you could go clamor at your oncologist to prescribe you the medication, you know, so that calcitriol can heal your prostate cancer.

What I have for you in this article are a few critical answers about calcitriol that will save you a lot of time and do you a lot of good, so that when you eventually get to your doctor, you’d be talking sense and not just gibberish.

Calcitriol is a form of vitamin D that is essentially used to control or reverse bone loss. Actually it is the principal active metabolite of health chemical, and a naturally occurring hormone. In recent experiments, calcitriol has showed some significant antineoplastic qualities in prostate cancer treatments at concentrations above what you would consider to be the physiological range.

Naturally, this is what has caused all the big talk, and ideas have already begun to surface about how the drug can and should be administered. However, based on further testing, it was found that there are significant adverse effects to suddenly increasing the already recommended doses of the drug for the body system, such as hypercalciuria or hypercalcemia, especially if administered on a daily basis. It is however possible to do it on a weekly treatment without dose-limiting toxicities. The ultimate result was the development of DN-101, a proprietary formulation designed for cancer treatment. DN-101 in combination with docetaxel is nonetheless being evaluated in a placebo-controlled randomized clinical trial that is believed will yield incredible results. What you need to know is that the results are not in yet.

What I will have you know is that calcitriol is still hugely experimental as an effective prostate cancer treatment. So far, what is known about the drug strictly classifies it as a bone treatment drug, in which case it may be applied to some extent as a means of controlling prostate cancer when it metastasizes to the bones of your hip, pelvis, femur, ribs, and backbone as is advances into it later stages. When you begin to experience immense pain in these regions, followed by fecal and urinary incontinence, I would suggest that you have a word with your doctor and see about how calcitriol might help to treat your prostate cancer.

Mind, you are not telling your doctor what to do; you are merely making a suggestion which the doctor can accept or reject based on their experience and the uniqueness of your case. Since you are not the doctor, try not to enforce your will here; just relax and let the doctors do the best that they can. For the pill that is effective treatment for prostate cancer, see the particular related article about this from the related articles section.

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