Early Stage Prostrate Cancer Treatment

Prostate cancer is an abnormal growth of cancerous cells in the prostate glands which are found only in men. Many people are being diagnosed of these ailments yearly in the United States.

The disease can progress from stages I to V and treatment options are provided based on the stage of the ailment. The following treatments procedures are recommended to treat patients whose diagnosed prostate cancers are still in the early stages.

* Surgery is one procedure that can be applied to treat prostate cancer. Prostatectomy is the name of the surgical option used to remove prostate glands that are affected with cancer. There are different kinds of surgeries that are being performed these days. Basically, surgery could be the traditional invasive and the less invasive method. The less invasive surgery is often referred to as laparoscopic approach.

* Robotic surgery is the modern form of prostate cancer treatment. This method helps to preserve the muscles nerves and every other tissue in the prostate area. This type of surgery is based on what is known as ?Da Vinci system.

* Radiation therapy is the use of radiation light focused on the parts where cancerous cells are developed. The light from this treatment is intended to destroy the upsurge of the cancerous cells.

* Cryosurgery is carried out under heavy anesthesia. This is new method of carrying out prostate cancer treatment. In this procedure, a cooling probe is lead to the prostate gland with the aid of an ultrasound. The cooling probe helps to freeze the growth of the cancerous cells and thus destroy them.

* High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is carried out with the use of anesthesia. From the rectum, a probe is inserted into the prostate gland. A high intense light is focused on the cancerous cells with the assistance of an ultrasound. The cancerous cells are destroyed through this means.

The above treatment early prostate cancer are invasive options used to treat prostate cancer in the early stage.

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