Cryothrapie Cancer Prostate Treatment – Present and Future Prospects

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This article looks closely at Crotherapy and prostate cancer to help you get more informed. Even though you might not find the specific information you are looking for, such as cryoabfialtion prostate cancer, you will learn a whole lot about the treatment on a general basis.

No doubts about it – one of the most recent and most exciting cancer treatment techniques is cryosurgery or cryotherapy, particularly even more challenging when it is applied in the treatment and management of prostate cancer. Cryosurgery uses various instruments to destroy cancers by freezing them to subzero temperatures, the challenge with the prostate being the sensitivity of the area, and the concentration of nerves about the region. However, the excitement to be had from this procedure is in the fact that is a lot less invasive than radical prostatectomy, and there is less need for general anesthetic.

So how does cryosurgery for prostate cancer work?

It begins with the insertion of metal rods into the prostate through the perineum. This is done under the guidance of ultrasound equipment ? a procedure invented by a certain Dr. Gary Onik ? while the rods have to be cooled to temperatures below 300oF by the application of highly purified argon gas, so that the surrounding tissue immediately incident to the rods freeze, and any water within the prostate gland freezes as well. Inevitably, the cells die off, while the urethra is protected by a catheter of warm liquid that surrounds it and keeps it from freezing.

Often, this technique is employed as an initial treatment for prostate cancer, and when it is carried out by an experienced cryosurgeon, the patient could earn a ten-year biochemical disease free bill which, you will have to agree with me, is far superior to radiotherapy, or radical prostatectomy, or any other kind of prostate cancer treatment for that matter. Even if it was a recurring cancer ? especially if it was a recurring cancer that has been treated once by another method, cryosurgery once again proves to be superior; and it in fact causes a lot less problems with urinary control than any other treatments.

So why is cryosurgery still largely an experimental procedure with only limited sanctions?

To begin with, impotence tends to occur up to ninety percent of the time, and yes, even the urinary control issues also tend to come up from time to time. It’s not a problem with ejaculation, or even sensation in that region, because you feel quite well enough, and yes, you can ‘come’ if you receive the right stimulation; but you simply might have trouble getting it up because the nerves of the penis controlling erection could be damaged in the cryosurgery process. However, if you had one of those little blue pills, you might just be able to reverse the limitation somewhat.

More generally, cryosurgery or cryoablation not only works with prostate cancer, but it is also used to freeze and destroy all kinds of abnormal tissue in the body, and is even employed in a wider manner to treat hemorrhoids and certain cervical disorders, as well as to remove certain skin growths. And in any case, for the prostate, cryosurgery has been demonstrated to be superior to radical prostatectomy for recurrent cancer following radiation therapy.

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