Cryotherapy: A Better Curative Treatment than Hormone Therapy For Prostate Cancer

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Prostate cancer is said to occur when there is abnormal growth of tumor on the cells of the prostate gland. With the passage of time, the growth progresses or spreads from the localized region to other important tissues of the body. This is often the nature of most forms of cancer in the body. After radiation or other treatment, relapses or recurrences may take place. This could be a huge concern for the patient as well as his health care provider.

Follow up treatments like hormonal therapy and Cyrotherapy can be applied to salvage the situation. But studies have shown that cryotherapy could be much more effective in this situation than hormonal therapy. The following paragraphs highlight the applications of both treatments as curative options for prostate cancer. You also need to understand why cryotherapy is preferred to hormone therapy in this case.

Hormone treatment as curative prostate cancer treatment

Studies have shown that a high level of the hormone testosterone in the body stimulates cancer growth. Hence for this reason, hormonal therapy is applied to cut down on the level of testosterone and lower the growth of prostate cancer cells.

Hormonal therapy is effective in slowing down cancer growth even though it cannot CURE prostate cancer completely. This treatment comes with some serious side effects which affect may appear worse than the symptoms of prostate cancer. These side effects may include:

  • Fatigue,
  • loss of libido
  • weight gain
  • hot flashes and sweats,
  • breast enlargements
  • bone loss, which may result to higher risk of fracture
  • cognitive impairment
  • impairments on insulin/glucose regulation
  • Possible cardiovascular problems, etc.

There are also strong linkages between patients undergoing hormonal therapy and an increase chance of them having diabetes and heart diseases.

Cryotherapy as a prostate cancer treatment

That being said, Cryotherapy can be applied as an alternative treatment in place of hormonal treatment. This can be substantiated by the fact that Cryotherapy is more effective to treating recurrent prostate cancer cells. Those who have had unsuccessful radiation therapy can use this treatment as curative treatment for the disease.

Cryotherapy is a medical approach whereby freezing temperatures are applied on cancerous cells to destroy them. This treatment is based on the fact that diseased cells could hardly stand extreme temperatures. It is also called Cryoablation. This treatment is known to be very effective in treating recurrent prostate cancer after the patient has unsuccessfully undergone radiation treatment. This option offers fewer side effects as most patients who have undergone it have less risk of urinary incontinence and improved sexual performance.

Conclusively, cryotherapy is a preferred treatment for recurrent prostate cancer than hormonal therapy. Various studies and testimonials from patients have affirmed this. You can still discuss with your doctor on the best option to treat a recurrent cancer of the prostate.


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