Cryosurgery For Prostate Cancer – The Best and Latest Treatment

The thing about most known remedies for prostate cancer is that they generally have some very severe or significant side effects that most patients aren’t very comfortable with. For this reason a lot of researchers have been hard at work looking for other remedies that at least make it easier for the patient to endure after the treatment (or cure) has been effected.

Cryosurgery for prostate cancer is one such cure; referred to by most cancer specialists in the medical community today as cryotherapy, this treatment for cancer type of prostate emerged in the early 90s. It actually effectively eradicates cancer of the prostate by freezing the prostate gland itself and causing the cells in it to die off. Anesthesia may be used, but it is not often general anesthesia; and then the doctor inserts needles into the gland through the perineum, and uses the needles to produce very cold temperatures. The needles are inserted by the aid of ultrasound technology (perfected by Dr. Gary Onik), and the cooling is done with the aid of highly purified argon gas. The freezing destroys the entire prostate when the water in the cells crystallizes into ice; any cancerous tissue within the prostate also dies of in this way.

Because they can precisely control the size and shape of the ice balls and monitor the freezing, prostate condition is very effective and reduces the risk of blood loss during the entire procedure. Prostate cancer patients who want to avoid major surgeries or those who think that “watchful waiting” is not ideal, are those for whom the procedure is best. In addition, the technique is also very good for those who have failed a previous radiation treatment for their adenocarcinoma.

Cryosurgery is effective in both safety and durable efficacy parameters when treating prostate malignant cancer. The procedure yields mild morbidity in comparison with other treatments; it can be repeated, and it may also work well as secondary treatment when other primary interventions aren’t working.

There are risks to the procedures though, the first being sexual function impairment, as impotence occurs up to ninety percent of the time. However, recovery time after the procedure is greatly reduced; in many instances, the patient may be asked to stay in the hospital for overnight observation, but it may also be an outpatient operation. The procedure often takes less than two hours and there is minimal pain while it is done. Why, patients have been known to return to work within a few days.

So what is keeping them? They are still working on that one final problem, looking for ways to reduce the impotence rate at least.

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2 Responses to “Cryosurgery For Prostate Cancer – The Best and Latest Treatment”
  1. Laraine Warren-Dawn says:

    My husband has stage one prostrate cancer and his gleason is seven, his PST is 4.5, would you consider Cryosurgery and how effective do you think it would be for him? He is a 57 year old black male. When the biopsy was done they only found two spots, both smaller than a pin head. I also was wondering if we went the “wait and see” with the Cancer Herbal Cure, what would that do? This site have given me alot of information and I would like to thank you for it, berfore going through some of this information, all I had was a medical book his doctor provided him with and I did not understand most of what I was reading, this site does not use big words.

  2. ProstateCancerVictory says:

    Thanks for your kind words about this website. We appreciate it a great deal and do our best to provide as much helpful information as we can on prostate cancer, especially how best you and your loved ones affected by this condition can get VICTORIOUS, hence the name of our website – Prostate Cancer Victory.

    While Cryosurgery is a very effective treatment option for prostate cancer, the final decision to get it done for your husband or NOT, should be that of your doctors. I suggest you consult with your doctors about this and let them give you and your husband the best advice, considering his own specific peculiarities.

    Whether to go the “wait and see” with Cancer Herbal Cure? I won’t advocate ONLY such a solution. Even if you want to go with such a solution, seek the advice of your doctors before, during and after this. In as much as there are lots of “claims” of herbal cure nowadays for prostate cancer, it’s still best to seek guidance and advice from your doctors.

    Lastly, this is the time that your husband needs your STRENGTH more. You have to keep being strong for him and give him all the SUPPORT you can. I am happy you are looking up as much helpful information as you can about this, with a view to helping him get the best guide. That’s a good thing and it’s a sign that both of you will come out of this okay. Prostate cancer is no longer the killer disease it used to be in the past. Lots of people have survived it and more will continue to survive it, including your lovely husband, 🙂 , if both of you give it your ALL!

    I hope these answers help, Laraine.

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