Clinics Options for Prostate Cancer Treatment after diagnosis

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Treatment options are actually abundant for the management of prostate cancer, but the decision on which is most suitable rests on a number of factors that cannot be overlooked.

One important factor to consider in case of a cancer of the prostate diagnosis is what stage the cancer is at. A disease in the early stages can still be cured, but advanced stage prostate cancer cannot. When looking to cure prostate cancer treatments, such as radiation therapy, prostatectomy, proton therapy, cryosurgery, and high intensity focused ultrasound are readily available. Late stage disease however requires treatments that will slow the progression of the disease and relieve the symptoms while also prolonging the life of the patient. To that end, hormonal therapy, chemotherapy, and perhaps some radiation treatment might be the best options.

However, all treatments for prostate cancer have their own side effects, which in their own way may be devastating for the patient. As a result, it may be necessary to decide if or not to undergo therapy at all in the first place. It is possible, because prostate type of cancer does not ordinarily progress too rapidly, for the patient to age and die of other causes before the first symptoms of this disease appear, which would then mean that treatment is unnecessary. For such a patient, watchful waiting might be the best call, as opposed to needlessly putting the man through the side effects of prostate cancerous tumor treatment.

An old man diagnosed with prostate cancer may desire to live longer, while another may desire to let it all go. As such, the age, state of mind, and the desires of the patient may also go into the consideration process when deciding on therapies. Some patients may prefer treatments that do not affect their sexual function too terribly as opposed to procedures that may leave them impotent, and others may have serious and life threatening (adverse) reactions to certain therapies. These factors also have to be thrown into the mix for proper effect.

Finally, there is the question of the physician’s understanding of the case, and the treatments that are within reach (available at that clinic or not too far away) at the time. A clever and intuitive oncologist or urologist may be able to observe certain things about the patient that are not immediately apparent, which they will try to pass across to him. If the patient is paying attention, he will listen and consider those new facts as well. Ultimately, it may be wiser to allow the doctor to make the call based on all the information that has been provided? but then all the necessary information should be provided.

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