Cancer Prostate Recurrent Treatment – What are the Chances of Treatment and Cures for Prostate Cancer Returning?

Oncologists in treating prostate cancer most often select from a number of options depending on the type and stage of the tumor involved, the age of the patient, and whatever their patient’s reservations about a treatment option are. Most of the time, they end up with one of the major prostate treatments currently available, or a combination of them, being surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and immunotherapy. Many times they just want to target specific cancerous tumors, and that requires the artful combination of more than one type of cancer therapy. The actual treatment options for prostate cancer that are intended to cure the condition are surgery and radiotherapy.

So, should you worry about your prostate cancer recurrence (coming back)?

By all means, do. A cancer could be benign in nature, in which case the doctor may decide it is best to leave well enough alone. However, if it turns out to be a malignant tumor, and one that appears to be metastasizing rather rapidly, not only will they want to commence treatment immediately, they might also want to do so very aggressively. There is absolutely no way to be entirely certain that a cancer after treatment will never return. But after years of experience, several surgeons or oncologists tend to have a feel about these things. Ordinarily, they could have settled for regular surgery or radiotherapy, but when they fear that your prostate cancer might go away for a while and come back, they may then include hormonal therapy, cryosurgery, or chemotherapy.

There is the chance that you might get a feel about the disease also, and on occasion, the doctor does respect that opinion. However, seeing as you do not have the experience or the training that the doctor has, you cannot impose your will on them; likewise, since it is not their bodies in question here but yours, the doctor also has to respect your opinion to some extent as well. As a result, you both may have to sit down while the specialist opens out the options you have before you, and lays a strong emphasis on which prostate cancer treatment method they believe is best for you, and make it very clear that it is your best choice. Nonetheless, they will tell you about all of the other options, and they will make let you have your say.

In the end, if you insist, you will most likely have your way, and the oncologist will do their best to ensure that you get the best treatment. Again, there is no guaranteeing that the prostate cancer will never come back, despite the possible side effects of the treatments that you have received already. What you can do is to begin to take preventive measures and various alternative treatments even after concluding the medical procedures. You might want to take up some exercise first, and then start to watch your diet in some way. These help.

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