Cancer Freezing Prostate Treatment – Cryosurgery

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Anything to kill the cancer with: that’s what it really is all about. Prostate cancer is the malignancy of the cells of the prostate gland ? the cells mutate and then refuse to conform to the normal laws that govern other cells in the body. Instead, they start to multiply rapidly and uncontrollably, infecting all the other cells in the body. Even the medical and scientific experts don’t know exactly why it happens, and they really don’t know how to cure it – but they know that cryotherapy can freeze the cancerous cells to death.

Cryosurgery or cryotherapy is what can be called a surgical procedure in which cancerous cells in the body are frozen to such extremely low temperatures that they simply just- freeze up and die. In the treatment of prostate cancer, two metallic rods are inserted into the prostate gland through tiny surgical incisions in the perineum and guided by ultrasound imaging – the ultrasound part was perfected by one Dr. Gary Onik.

The freezing of the prostate is done by conducting low temperature through the metallic rods from highly purified argon gas to the organ, pushing the temperature as low as – 302oF, guaranteeing that the fluid (water) in the cells will freeze. The entire prostate gland is destroyed in the process, but the cancer dies. Perhaps the best thing about this treatment for prostate cancer is that it generally causes fewer problems with urinary control than other treatments.

As a matter of fact, when it is used as the initial treatment for prostate cancer, and when it is performed by an experienced surgeon it offer a better ten year guarantee of biochemical disease free living than other treatments – radical prostatectomy and radiation therapy included.

Further to the above, cryosurgery can be completed in much shorter time than prostatectomy can, and will littler loss of blood to the patient. In addition, the prostatic adenocarcinoma remedy has also been demonstrated to be superior to radical prostatectomy for any form of tumor that happens to recur following radiation therapy. Even after the treatment, bladder control returns very rapidly, and the patient can stop wearing a catheter around his ankle within only a few days.

But there is one not very pleasant catch – impotence occurs in cryosurgery up to a dismal ninety percent of the time. No one likes it, but it turns out that way; so they are looking for better ways to make it- better- Cryosurgery, is in use in many parts of the United States although there are those who would rather put it down as a procedure that is still in trials for perfection.

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