Cancer Cure Prostrate Treatment – Worst Case Scenario

The best way to be sure that you are safe from prostate cancer is to ensure that you are on the right sides of all the known prostate cancer risk factors.

This means that thinking in terms of age, you are younger than 45 years old (if you are more than 45 years, then constant yearly tests is in place).

Thinking in terms of race, you aren’t African American (if you are African American, then constantly going for yearly prostate cancer tests is in order).

Thinking in terms of location, you live in a third world country.

In terms of genetics, no one in your family line or pedigree ever has been diagnosed with the disease (if any has, then you should be on the watch-out for the condition).

Considering your diet, you are a strict vegetarian and you eat quite a lot of fish as well.

In terms of fitness, you are the bum. And taking into consideration your level of alertness, you are the kind of man who goes in for a medical checkup like an average of three times a year, and you make sure that the doctor tests you for every type of the 100 or so cancers that there are.

Ok, stop for a moment there and do a reality check: how many people in the world can really keep up with all of that? You are going to have to agree with me that the future really doesn’t hold a lot of excitement for men trying to live their lives out without a prostate cancer diagnosis. And it just isn’t possible, what with so many of these factors beyond your control, to guarantee that you will make it. Little wonder in spite of improved and improving diagnostics and treatment, the incidence of prostate cancer amongst men in the United States is still alarming.

But if you are able to catch the disease early on, before it begins to grow and metastasize (spread), you have an excellent prognosis. It is believed that close to a hundred percent of men who get diagnosed with prostate malignancy are still cancer-free five years after treatment, and as many as ninety three percent are still clean in ten years time. Not so good, the prognosis beyond that time frame though. With chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and immunotherapy, and all of those other therapies that there are that are used for the management of prostate cancer, your chances really are good.

But let’s take a look at worst case scenario. If for some reason you were unable to catch your prostate cancer until you it had developed to the later advanced stages of the disease, you are looking at a state of affairs in which the best remedy for you will be a combination of as many of these known procedures as the specialist can offer, sometimes even in spite of potential side effects.

Also, in case of some kind of prostate cancer treatment failure in which you have received treatment but it did not work, and you now have full blown metastatic prostate cancer, the only thing that the doctors can offer is palliative care, in which they merely focus on extending your life and relieving the worst of the symptoms of the metastatic disease.

Even though there are still a number approaches in study and research that are being considered to manage this late stage of prostate cancer, like Abiraterone Acetate to alleviate suffering, or chemo to slow or postpone symptoms, or bisphosphonates to delay skeletal complications like fractures, you may still get the worst of the symptoms of progressed prostate cancer, ergo, pain and blood in urination and ejaculation; bone pain in hips and pelvis, femur, ribs and backbone; and pressure against your spinal cord, leading to urinary and fecal incontinence.

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