Best and Common Treatments for Prostate Cancer

Like we always say on this Prostate Cancer Victory website, this condition is no longer the killer disease it used to be in the past. Thankfully, there are now many treatment options for not just treating this cancer, but also getting rid of it completely, especially when discovered in good time. This article presents some of the best treatments for this cancer out there.

Prostatectomy – one of the most well known treatments for prostate cancer is a surgical procedure in which the entire prostate gland is removed, or at least parts of it. A radical prostatectomy may be performed by an incision in the abdomen of the patient, an incision in the perineum, or by a laparoscope to reduce the size of incisions. A surgical robot may also the used in order to limit the risks of complications, which are many. Side effects of prostate cancer surgery include impotence and incontinence, some of which may never be lived down.

Radiation therapy – a procedure that uses ionizing radiation from any number of sources to do damage to the DNA of cancer cells also hurts normal cells in the body. The radiation may be from a linear accelerator (external beam radiotherapy) or from radioactive seeds implanted in the prostate gland (brachytherapy). The damage to normal cells causes radiation proctitis, which results in mild rectal bleeding and diarrhea, and impotence and incontinence as well. These side effects generally fade a few weeks after the treatment stops though.

Hormonal therapy – attacking the hormones that contribute to the growth and progression of prostatic adenocarcinomas in the body is certainly a brilliant idea, except that it does not cure the disease. However while the therapy is on the patient will show signs of remission as disease progression slows and the tumors even start to shrink. In early stage, before the cancer can grow resistant, surgery or radiation can complete the cure; in late stage… well at least it slows the disease and gives the patient valuable time to appreciate life and put his accounts in order. 

Chemotherapy – something does have to pick up the ailing ball when hormonal therapy fails to curb the progression of advanced stage hormone refractory prostate cancer, and chemo is it. It is drugs that invade the entire body killing every cell in their path that divide rapidly – not appropriate for early stage disease because the cancerous cells look and act too normal then, but perfect for advanced stage prostate cancer because then the disease would have metastasized to various locations across the body.

Cryotherapy – might be construed to be an improvement on prostatectomy because it is also a surgical procedure, but one that uses extreme cold to kill the cancerous cells. High intensity focused ultrasound also is an improvement on the concept of radiotherapy, this one uses ultrasonic waves. Proton therapy is similar (using protons), while other therapies are popping up all the time. Until the final definitive cure for prostate cancer is found, this will continue to be the trend.

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