Bayer New Prostate Cancer Drug

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Bayer New Prostate Cancer Drug:

There’s a new drug released by Germany’s Bayer which promises to help those with advanced form of prostate cancer.

As you obviously know, the advanced stage of this cancer is the very deadly and difficult-to-treat stage.

But this drug appears really promising.

Read the full article on this New Bayer Prostate Cancer drug below:


An experimental drug from Germany’s Bayer and Norwegian biotech Algeta that prolongs the lives of patients with advanced prostate cancer is a major step forward in treatment of the disease, cancer experts said on Saturday.

A late stage trial of Alpharadin, a new type of drug that delivers minute, highly-charged doses of radiation to secondary tumors in the bone, was halted early after researchers saw patients on the new treatment living almost three months longer on average than those on standard treatment plus placebo.

“It would have been unethical not to offer the active treatment to those taking placebo,” Chris Parker, who led the trial at Britain’s Royal Marsden Hospital, told delegates at the European Multidisciplinary Cancer Congress (EMCC) in Stockholm.

Alpharadin is based on the active ingredient radium 223 and is designed to treat patients with advanced disease whose cancer has spread to their bones.

Parker said he expected the drug to become a new standard treatment for these patients. Both Jean Charles Soria, a co-chair of the EMCC congress, and Michael Baumann, president of the European Cancer Organization, said Alpharadin was “a major new player” and likely to be “practice changing.”

Kemal Malik, Bayer’s head of global development, has described the success of Alpharadin, which first showed promise in headline data released in June, as a “transforming moment” for the company.

Sales of Alpharadin are expected to reach $662 million by 2015, according to consensus forecasts from Thomson Reuters Pharma. The drug’s performance is also particularly important for Algeta, whose fortunes are tied closely its success.

Parker said the two firms now intend to use the data to submit the drug for regulatory approval. Read the full article here.


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