What You Should Know About Prostate Cancer Pain

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One of the things that cause worries for individuals diagnosed with prostate cancer is the amount pain they go through. This could be experienced in different ways – during diagnosis, during treatment, or after treatments.

The issue of pain is a crucial one and needs to be attended to so the individual can be relieved of the discomforts as soon as possible. The following paragraphs provide you with overview information on understanding prostate cancer pain.

They describe some of the things you ought to know about the pains experienced by those diagnosed with cancer of the prostate.

Factors that may lead to pain in prostate cancer

There are many possible factors that may result to pain and these may include:

  • The stage of the disease – if the stage is advanced, then there is the chance of the pains being experienced would be severe than when the symptoms are in the early stages. So, the extent of the condition determines the pain that would be experienced by the person.
  • The type of prostate cancer – There are different types of prostate cancer and these cause pains for the man based on the affected cells or tissues. Metastasis prostate cancer can cause pains in the bones, and other vital organs. Also, hormone – resistant- prostate cancer can have its own kind of pain for the person.
  • Diagnosis of prostate cancer – Undergoing prostate diagnoses and screening can cause some measures of pains and discomforts for the individuals. PSA Screening, Digital Rectal Exam (DRE), and Biopsy are the common tests carried out to detect prostate cancer. These can lead to some pains for the individual.

These are the more common pain causing factors for those living with cancer of the prostate. By and large when the cancerous tumor presses against bones, nerves, tissues, and organs in anyway, pains will occur. Muscle pain and headaches can be linked with prostate cancer symptoms in some ways, just as other kinds of body discomforts are associated with prostate cancer.

Treating pain in prostate cancer

There are many treatment options that can be applied to relieve pain that affects persons diagnosed with prostate cancer. Medications, alternative treatments, surgery, radiation etc can be applied in certain measures to treat the symptoms of prostate cancer.

Finally, if you are having severe pain before, during or after prostate cancer treatment, talk to your doctor about it. The doctor is likely to prescribe the best way to relieve that pain that is causing discomfort for you.

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