What Are The Signs Of Prostate Cancer – What You Should Look Out For

Let me begin by categorically telling you that you should not wait to see the symptoms or warning signs of prostate cancer before you start to take the threat serious enough to seek medical attention. I say this because prostate type of cancer is only curable when it is detected early. For a disease that kills close to thirty thousand American men in the United States every year, you don’t want to risk the chance of a late detection when you know that you might soon be a victim of it.

Following the previous chapter, prostate cancer signs typically appear toward the later stages of the disease, commencing often with a series of problems with the sexual and urinary functions of the patient. Pain in urination, pain in ejaculation, difficulty starting or maintaining a stream of urine in spite of finding out that he is urinating more and more frequently ? especially at night, are the symptoms that first appear. Soon they graduate to blood in urine and blood in semen. There is no point in stating that the patient will be significantly alarmed at this time.

Then the later stages of the disease are characterized by a lot of bone pain, usually in the proximal parts of the femur, vertebrae, and the ribs. Without doubt, because of its unique location as being the closest bone in the prostate region, the pelvis is affected first. The cancerous cells metastasize through the bloodstream, making the lymphatic system vulnerable as well, so that lymph node swelling is only to be expected. And finally, in the vertebrae, the malignant cells may begin to pile up and compress the spinal cord, leading to leg pain and fecal and urinary incontinence.

Again, I want to emphatically impress upon you that prostate cancer is not the kind of disease in which you wait for the symptoms to appear before you start to take actions. It is not so hard either, if you know the risk factors for prostate malignant tumor. You are at increased risk as you age and pass the 50 year mark; you are at increased risk if a family member has been diagnosed with the disease previously; if you are African American; if you consume a lot of high fat, low vitamin, processed foods; and if you don’t exercise often enough.

In order to keep these all within view, you can and should start to get screening tests once a year from the time you are fifty. The higher your risk, the more you should take the screenings serious because waiting for the symptoms to appear would be tantamount to giving the cancer the upper hand; and I’m telling you, you don’t want to do that.

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