Symptoms of Prostrate Cancer

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Do you know that 1 out of every 6 to 10 males living in the United States is diagnosed of Prostate cancer? This is a fact and the statistics could increase geometrically in the next five years. Many people are not even aware of signs and symptoms of prostrate cancer and this ignorance has escalated the rate of the spread of the disease.

It is important that a proper understanding of this disease is known so that early detection and treatment can be started. The article shows you common symptoms of prostate cancer.

First of all, men often suffer from enlarged prostate and the following symptoms are associated with prostate enlargement: blood in the urine, lower back pains, thigh pains, hips pains, weak flow of urine and pains while passing urine, etc. These signs might be experienced by most men but it does not mean that the victims are prostate cancer victims. However, the signs listed above are very similar to the symptoms of prostate cancer as would be highlighted in the next paragraph.

Men should watch out for these symptoms if they are concerned about common prostate cancer symptoms. These are: having difficulty in passing urine, having a weak flow or urine, having the need to urinate frequently, losing the ability to control or stop the flow of urine, having bloody urine, having a painful ejaculation, losing weight, low back pain and feeling a full bladder when it’s actually empty. These are common advance prostate cancer symptoms which would definitely tell you that the illness is not only knocking but already in your house, so to speak..

It is advisable that you don’t even wait for signs and symptoms like these before you start getting serious about prostate cancer. It will save your life if you make it a constant habit to go for yearly or twice yearly tests for the disease.

This way you will detect and start treating it way before any of the above signs and symptoms start manifesting themselves. Most of the survivors of the condition are those who detected it in good time, before it metastasized to the other parts of their bodies.

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