Signs Of Prostate Cancer That You Could Be Ignorant Of

The signs of prostate cancer can vary greatly. It all depends on the particular part of the prostate gland that is affected by the cancer and at what stage the cancer has reached.

If it is still in the early stages, then there is hardly any sign to be noticed.

When prostate cancer reaches the advanced stage, it then breaks out from the tumor and gradually spreads to other parts of the body, including the bones of the victim’s hop and lower back.

When it has however reached a more advanced stage, the signs will include:

? Frequent urination, mostly at nights.
? Weak or interrupted urine flow in victims with prostate cancer
? General difficulty in urinating is another sign of prostate cancer.
? Notice of some blood in the urine.
? Blood is also noticed in the semen of prostate cancer victims
? Serious pain when urinating.
? Complete or half impotence.
? Serious pain in the bones.

All these signs of prostate cancer mentioned above nonetheless, it is worth mentioning that it is not compulsory that they are all a sign of prostate cancer.

Even with all the signs above, you should not jump into the conclusion that you have prostate cancer, until after a thorough test by your doctor. Sometimes the above signs could be sign of old age or sign of other diseases, so always go for a test if the above signs of prostate cancer starts showing up in your body.

But it is best for you to seek doctor’s advice immediately you start feeling a combination of the above signs. With prostate cancer, your best chances of survival will be high if the disease is detected in good time.

That is when the early treatments will do you a lot of good. But if it has spread to other parts of your body, your survival chances will be pretty slim.

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